Why You Need To Start Keeping Track Of Your Fitness Routine

By on February 1, 2018

When you go to the gym, you might notice one thing, there are tons of people working out… but none of them are tracking their fitness routine. They’re meandering around the gym with no set purpose as to what they want to achieve.

It’s more than tracking your fitness results. It’s a simple process you can use for goal setting. Every time you go into the gym and carry around your notebook and write how many reps you got on a certain exercise, you will want to push past your previous max the next time you work out.

When you set goals, you will want to push yourself. Just like going to the gym, you want to keep track of your goals. How will you know how far you’ve come if you haven’t been tracking yourself from the beginning?

Too many people give up without realizing how far they’ve come. When you keep track of your goals you can look back on the previous goals you’ve set. You can see how far you’ve come and that should give you the motivation to keep pushing forward.

Like most people in the gym, no one wants to seem to track their life and they wonder why they end up at a destination that was unattended. With goals, you know where you are going. Wouldn’t it be easier to achieve your goals if you had a set destination?

When you track your goals, you can see you’re getting stronger as each week passes. This is the motivation you need to continue on when time gets tough.

You need to get in the habit of tracking results. When you don’t track your goals, you’re more apt to give up easily because it’s easy to forget about your goals if you aren’t seeing them every week. By tracking your goals, you’re reminded of what you need to achieve.

When you track your goals, you achieve the best results possible!

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