Book Publishers To Submit To Without An Agent

By on October 7, 2021

Looking for book publishers to submit to? Try these 10 below!

Looking for book publishers to submit to these days can be a little challenging. Not having an agent can make getting your book in front of book publishers even more tricky. Because publishers these days are often inundated with submissions, all too often you find that they have ‘no unsolicited manuscripts on their site which essentially means, if your work doesn’t come via an agent, don’t bother.

It makes sense for publishers to use agents to act as a kind of screening station. Agents know the business and can sift through all the work to present a selection of the best manuscripts to the publishing houses. However, what this does mean is that getting an agent is almost as hard as getting a publishing deal, and it’s kind of a catch 22 for authors who just want to get their work in front of someone who might give it a chance.

Luckily, there are still some publishing houses out there that you can submit to directly. Below are 10 book publishers to submit to and might be a great fit for your book. Let’s take a look at them:

Book publishers to submit to now!

1. Sterling Publishing

Sterling Publishing is a well-established publisher that takes on both fiction and non-fiction work. They cover many genres and could be a great fit for authors looking for a good all-round publisher with lots of experience. 

2. DAW

If you are a science fiction or fantasy writer DAW could be the publisher for you. However, you have to submit by post and want all submissions to be exclusive until they reach a decision (unless they take over three months to do so).

3. Alloy Entertainment

Women's fiction writers take note, Alloy Entertainment takes on about 12 new manuscripts each year and specializes in this genre - they will consider young adult, middle grade, and chapter books too.

4. Baen

Another great publisher for science fiction and fantasy writers. Submit your full-length manuscript to them, but be warned - you have to be patient as they say it can be up to a year before you’ll hear a reply. 

5. Flashlight Press

Flashlight Press specializes in stunningly illustrated children’s fiction. They only publish 4 books maximum each year and are looking for stories targeted at 4-8 years old. They are selective, but award-winning, so if you think you have the next big children’s book - they are definitely worth a shot. 

6. Free Spirit Publishing

If you are a nonfiction writer specializing in educational material, Free Spirit Publishing is a good one to submit too. They cover a huge range of topics targeted at different audiences including children, teens, parents, and educators.

7. Five Star

Have you written a great mystery or western? If so, Five Star might be your best bet! They ask for a query letter first and can take time to respond, but if they are interested they’ll invite you to send your manuscript in. 

8. Adams Media

Adams Media specializes in nonfiction titles covering a huge variety of topics including

self-help, parenting, business, cooking, business, finance, relationships, and pets. They also publish some crime fiction and memoirs. 

9. Black Inc.

Both fiction and nonfiction writers can submit their books to Black Inc. without an agent. They also have a good turnaround time and will get back to you with an answer within 8 weeks. 

10. Persea Books

This publishing company is looking for literary novels, creative nonfiction, memoirs, essays, biographies, books on contemporary issues, anthologies, as well as some poetry and young adult titles.

So if you have had no luck finding an agent, why not give the above a try. Remember to always check out and follow their unique submission guidelines and good luck!

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