The Top 25 Sites That Pay Upfront For Content

By on February 25, 2015
The Top 25 Sites That Pay Upfront For Content - Writer's


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Freelance Writing is one of the best way to make money online from home and you don’t even need a website to get started. That said, if you own a blog (or even a portfolio website) then it gives you instant credibility and a lot more exposure because you will be able to showcase your skills and your portfolio.

If you want to become a full-time writer we do have a blue-print for you to follow that will guarantee that you meet with successYou can learn more about what clients desire in a freelance writer in The Get Paid to Write Course offered by Writers Life. It is possible to make a great living as a writer, if you follow a few simple rules and make sure that you can offer people top notch skills.

If you check any of the Freelance sites (eLance, oDesk, Freelancer etc.) then you can see that Content Writing (Article Writing, Blog Writing, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Technical Writing, Web Content Writing etc.) is one of the top skills in demand. Freelance Writers are always in great demand. Why? Content is King. Period. But one problem with those Freelance sites is “Competition” as there are hundreds of thousands of other Freelance writers out there.

Now, How To Make Money Writing Articles Online?

Basically you’ve got two options: either you become a freelance writer and make money when you get clients or you can make money by contributing content to other websites. The first option needs a lot of patience and effort because unless you’ve got a proven track record it’s somewhat difficult to convince your clients. Contributing content to an article marketplace or to a relevant blog is somewhat easier than getting clients because you can sell your high quality content and get paid instantly.

Top 10 Sites That Pay Upfront For Your Article

So I’m going to introduce you the top 25 websites that pay upfront for your articles. Just contribute articles to the following sites and get paid for that. It’s that simple! If your article is rejected then you can try the article marketplaces (see below) and get paid instantly.

1. Yahoo! Voices

  • Alexa Rank: 4
  • Google PageRank: 7

The Yahoo! Contributor Network allows writers, photographers, and videographers to share their knowledge and passion with hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Find your audience and earn money by publishing your unique perspectives on Voices and other Yahoo! sites. You can choose your own topics and can earn money through up-front payments, exclusive assignments, and performance bonuses based on the traffic your work receives.


  • Alexa Rank: 79
  • Google PageRank: 7

With over 55 millions visitors per month is one of the most popular content network with millions of articles. If you’re an experienced writer then you can apply to become a topic writer. offers the highest payout to its writers.

3. Break Studios

  • Alexa Rank: 1,525
  • Google PageRank: 6

You can contribute content to Break Studios and make money writing. They provide you the titles for each article and you write the content. Once your article is approved & published you will be notified and will be paid via PayPal at the end of every month. Your articles will be published on highly trafficked Break Studios’ websites including,,,, &

4. wiseGEEK

  • Alexa Rank: 3,485
  • Google PageRank: 6

wiseGEEK offers free and clear answers to common questions in almost all niches (500+ topics) with over 15 million readers every month. They pay writers per article. Currently wiseGEEK pay $10 to $14 depending on the article. You get paid via PayPal and there is no fee as they cover the PayPal fees.

5. eCopywriters

  • Alexa Rank: 299,000
  • Google PageRank: 4

eCopywriters hires copywriters to assist their clients in creating quality content. They’re looking for only professional copywriters. You can earn up to $25 per hour for basic writing projects. They have different levels of writers and top level writers earn as much as $0.30 per word. eCopywriters’ projects include TV & Radio Commercials, SEO Content, Blogs, Press Releases, Ads, Sales Letters, Business Letters & Plans and more.

6. Love To Know

  • Alexa Rank: 11,461
  • Google PageRank: 5

If you’re from US then you can contribute high quality articles in the niche Money & Finance, Shopping, Fashion, Beauty, Technology, Home Improvement etc. to LoveToKnow and they pay upfront for your article. LoveToKnow offers the most useful information on the topics you want to know more about with over 2 million visits per month.

7. Demand Media Studios

  • Alexa Rank: 16,762
  • Google PageRank: 5

If you’re a professional writer who lives in US, Canada or UK then tryDemand Media Studios. Once you’re approved as a Writer then you can earn $15 to $25 or even more per article depending upon the quality of the article. Your articles are distributed to a network of premium publishers with a combined audience of over 100 million viewers. Example publishers include, LIVESTRONG.COM, and

8. Helium Content Source (formerly

Helium Content Source (formerly is a provider of content, web copywriting services, newsletters, advertorials, articles, whitepapers, blog posts, SEO content, etc. You can apply as a freelancer at Helium so that if you’re hired for one project then you can expect more work as you’ll be automatically considered for future projects. And with Helium Content Source, you can even get your content published in newsletters, print media, company blogs, print and web catalogs, etc.

9. Online Writing Jobs (formerly QualityGal)

Online Writing Jobs (formerly QualityGal) is a content creation service dedicated to providing their clients with the highest quality SEO content.QualityGal accepts writers from all over the world and pays at least $12 per article (average of $12 and a maximum of $50) depending upon the quality of content. Payment for completed and accepted articles is made via PayPal or Check every week.

10. Words of Worth

Words of Worth is content delivery company offering work to freelance writers in the US, UK and Canada. The payments for articles vary according to the length of the content and depends on other requirements as well. But they tell you what the payment is for every article before you accept it.

11. Scripted

Scripted is a content agency that allows businesses to hire bloggers and freelance writers to write blog posts, social media posts, and web content for their website. They haven’t mentioned anything about payouts but since they charge $49 to $59 for a blog post from their advertisers you should earn at least 50 to 70% of their fee.

12. WriterAccess

WriterAccess is a content marketplace that connects clients with freelance writers via the cloud. If you’re a professional writer, copywriter, blogger, or a journalist then you can apply as a freelance writer at WriterAccess. The payment depends upon your membership level and it’s pay-per-word. You can make 2 cents to $1 per word depending upon your “star level” and the client.

13. Internet Brands

Internet Brands operates over 100 niche websites and they have over 100 million visits every month. So they are looking for writers in almost all niches like Health, Auto, Shopping, Finance, Law, Lifestyle, etc. You must be experienced and they will suggest the type of articles that they’re looking for based on the topic chosen by you.

14. BKA Content

BKA Content
is a provider of SEO content to small businesses, corporations and agencies. You must be a U.S. citizen and must reside in U.S. to apply as a writer. And if your application is approved then you’ll get payments every 2 weeks via PayPal. They say their writers are making an average of $12 to $18 an hour but every new writer starts out at 1 cent per word.

15. BlogMutt

BlogMutt is a marketplace for crowdsourced content so if you’re a freelance writer then you can write blog posts for agencies and if they like your content then you get paid. Within their platform they also have a point system so that you get better paying jobs when your writer level is increased.

16. TopicBay

is a content marketplace that allows advertisers to buy unique content written by experienced freelance writers. You can showcase your portfolio to thousands of publishers and TopicBay will give you a complete set of tools and resources to make you a better writer.

17. Writtent

Writtent is a content marketing agency that provides businesses engaging blog posts and helps them to promote it. If you’re a native English speaker then you can become a freelance writer at Writtent. Since they’re charging advertisers 3–10 cents per word we can assume that they will pay at least 2–5 cents per word (or $10–$25) to freelancers.

18. Content BLVD

Content BLVD
is another content platform that connects brands, publishers, and authors. You can submit your articles to Content BLVD and if a brand liked your content then they may buy it for a premium.

19. iWriter

At iWriter, you can make money writing articles for other people. You can register for free and can earn up to $15 per article via PayPal. Also, you can select the topics that you would like to write about and there’s no limit about how many articles you can submit.

20. Ghost Bloggers

Ghost Bloggers is a marketplace for publishers to purchase high quality content from native English speaking writers. So if you live in the U.S. then you can submit your unique content and get paid if a buyer is interested in it. Basically you get $3.5 per 100 words or around $20 for 600 words but you’re also allowed to set your own prices for your articles. When you reach $25 in payouts you get the payment via PayPal.

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