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By on August 13, 2020

Client invoicing can be tricky as a writer. Here's how to ensure that your clients pay for your services!

One of the most important qualities any freelance writer must have is the ability to stay organized. This covers all aspects of the work, from reaching out to new clients, keeping lines of communication open, hitting deadlines, and keeping on top of your finances too.

Of course, sometimes it doesn't matter how well organized you are. If the other party fails to match your expectations, you can find yourself having to chase for responses and for payment for your work, which can create more work for you and disrupt your systems' efficiency.

Getting clients to pay on time, and sometimes pay up at all can be tricky. However, making sure they do is so vital for your confidence and livelihood. 

So if you are struggling with getting clients to pay on time, or even at all, here are some useful tips to help you.

Client invoicing - everything you need to know

Put pay by dates on your invoices

Make sure your invoice includes a note such as 'pay all invoices within ten days.' So you have a date to work with, and if the client doesn't pay by, then you can cite this when you chase them.

Ask for an advance

Asking for a sum of money in advance of starting work can help secure payment and mean it is more likely the client will pay when the project is complete.

Start with a friendly reminder

If a client hasn't paid, starting with a friendly reminder is the best first step. They may have genuinely overlooked this, so don't rush in all guns blazing at this point. 

Make a call

It's much easier to ignore an email than a phone call. So your next step is to call the client and ask them directly what the hold up is. 

Go up the chain

You might need to escalate your issue with someone higher up in the businesses.

Add a late fee clause

Make sure you have a late fee clause in your contract so that you can bill your client extra if they don't pay up on time. 

Use social shaming

If you've given your client every opportunity to pay and are still refusing, you can use social shaming to either make them cough up or let others know that they are disreputable and warn them against working with them.

Cease working

Refuse to deliver any more work until you see some money in your bank account. 

Make your contract airtight

Make that your contract has all the right clauses to protect you in the first place. This will ensure that it is legitimate and can be used to refer back to if you feel like you need to take further action. 

By following the above, you can help ensure that your clients pay promptly, and make sure that you will get paid eventually for the work you have delivered. Freelance writing can be a fantastic career, but chasing payments and problematic clients is a downside. However, staying calm and pursuing those clients who are reluctant to pay for your service can ensure you always get what you deserve for the work you have done. 

Now you know all about client invoicing, why not discover more about how to ask your clients for a pay rise?

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