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  • How To Be A 21st Century Writer - Writer's
    How To Be A 21st-Century Writer

    Writing in the modern age is indeed different than it used to be. Gone are the times where all a writer had to do was write. Now the role requires a different, far more diverse skillset. So...

    • Posted September 2, 2018
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  • What Makes Someone Creative? - Writer's
    What Makes Someone Creative?

    To be successful as a writer we must be creative. Creativity is at the core of what makes writers able to conjure up worlds, to bring characters to life and to feed their reader's imaginations so that...

    • Posted August 31, 2018
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  • Overcome These Barriers To Write More Effectively - Writer's
    Overcome These Barriers To Write More Effectively

    All writers have days where they feel as though they are totally up against it, that no matter what they do they continuously have to push their way past barriers that make the whole process difficult, infuriating...

    • Posted August 15, 2018
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  • How To Enjoy Your Writing Time More - Writer's
    How To Enjoy Your Writing Time More

    When it comes to writing advice, much of our time is spent learning how to get better, accepting how to take criticism, and hearing about what a struggle being in the writing game is. We read countless...

    • Posted August 14, 2018
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  • How To Become A Professional Writer - Writer's
    How To Become A Professional Writer

    Every professional writer has a turning point, a moment where they decide they don’t want this just to be a hobby anymore. It could be that you’ve been trying to fit your writing around your day job...

    • Posted August 13, 2018
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  • Writers! How To Be Business Minded - Writer's
    Writers! How To Be Business Minded

    Many writers don’t see themselves as business people, but that’s a mistake. Whether you are a freelance writer or a fiction writer, your work is your business and being business savvy and professional in your approach to...

    • Posted August 7, 2018
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  • Unusual Writing Tips - Writer's
    Unusual Writing Tips

    Getting tired of reading about the same old tried and testing writing tips? Looking to try something more unusual to boost your creativity and writing skills? Try these fantastic, unusual writing tips and see if they work...

    • Posted August 6, 2018
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  • What Is A Story Character Arc? (And How To Write One) - Writer's
    What Is A Story Arc – Definition And How To Write One

    You may have come across the term ‘character arc’ when learning about different writing techniques. However, when it comes to developing your writing, what exactly does it mean? Understanding what is a story arc - the definition...

    • Posted August 1, 2018
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  • Setting Realistic Writing Deadlines - Writer's
    Setting Realistic Writing Deadlines

    Every writer knows that without writing deadlines, it is all too easy to keep procrastinating, to keep putting ones writing on the back burner until eventually, it becomes a distant memory, a niggle at the back of...

    • Posted July 30, 2018
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  • How To Avoid Writing Clichés - Writer's
    How To Avoid Writing Clichés

    It can be pretty tough to write an entire novel without slipping into certain clichés. However, there’s not much that will turn your reader off faster. Clichés tend to interrupt the flow of the story and show...

    • Posted July 25, 2018
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