Recovering After An Illness

By on January 8, 2018
Recovering After an

Winter brings festive cheer, snowball fights with children, and holiday giving. However, it also brings colds and flus and a general miserable time. There is little that is worse than getting sick but the bright spot amongst the winter cold and flu season is that recovery is possible and with recovery can come a sense of renewal.

It’s hard to find good in being sick, but because it is an unfortunate part of life, it’s important to try. For starters, being sick reminds us that our bodies are not indestructible. They are living organisms that need to be kept healthy so that we can continue to enjoy all the wonder that life has to offer. Being sick is a reminder that nutrition and exercise are important in order to minimize the likelihood of catching germs and the duration of an illness.

Being sick also focuses us to stop. Thankfully, work policies have changed, and more employers offer sick days. This is important as it used to be that you were expected at work, healthy or not, which of course just added to germ spreading and prolonged illness. Despite what you may believe, work will continue without you and the best thing you can do is stay at home and rest until you feel better.

As for parents, and their never-ending job, there is often no opportunity for rest. In this case, just do your best. Try to snuggle up and binge watch some Disney movies with your children. They will survive the onslaught of screen time, and you will be better for it.

After rest and recovery, it can feel so good to have energy again. It’s important to capitalize on this awareness and keep it going instead of falling into regular patterns again. Be aware of how nice it is to walk outside, and keep walking throughout the year. That first bite of real food and how good it is to taste flavors again should be rolled into your cooking even when you are fully healthy. You can recreate that sensation by trying new foods and recipes.

Being sick is never fun and most people want to forget the experience as soon as possible. And while it’s important to keep moving forward, be sure to remember a little how much you disliked it. That remembrance can keep you motivated to live your best life. It can keep you healthy and active and allow you to treasure all the moments in your life where you feel fully like yourself.


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