The Lost Art of Thank-You Notes

By on January 1, 2018

The holiday season usually brings a lot of joy as you get together with friends and family. It brings people together where laughter is shared, and stories are told. But the end of the holiday season can bring a bit of darkness. The lights are taken down, people go back to their routine lives, and social visits diminish. It can be hard to sustain such a busy social life, but the spirit of comradery can live on through the thank-you note.

Thank-you notes are a way of showing appreciation to one another. They don’t have to be for presents given. In fact, the best thank-you notes are those that acknowledge people over things. They can be short or long, but the point of them is to demonstrate that you thought about someone enough to put the effort into writing down your feelings.

As an added bonus, in this world of technology, a hand-written note is an extra-special gift to give. It takes effort to not only write the note, but to purchase the paper or card, find the address, buy a stamp, and mail the note.

Thank-you notes allow you to be creative when writing. You can spend some time thinking about what to say, and if need be, you can always write a draft first.

Thank-you notes should include specifics. If it is in response to a gift, make sure you explain how you are using the item. This way the giver knows that the gift is being used and is appreciated.

Thank-you notes should have the right tone. If it is to a boss, then it should be more formal. If to a friend, then more personal.

Thank-you notes are for everyone. If you have children, it is a great idea to get them involved in the process, no matter the age. A picture drawn inside of the card, or carefully arranged stickers add a personal element. It helps children stop and think about the gift they have been given or the party they were invited to. The reverse is also true. If a child has given you a gift, make sure they receive their own thank-you note.

Thank-you notes may be viewed as a relic of the past, but if you’re ever in doubt about sending one, just think how you would feel if you received a note in the mail. It’s always a great feeling to open the mailbox and find a personalized envelope amongst the bills and flyers.

It is never too late to write a thank-you note. So, find some inspiring paper or cards, curl up in front of the fire this winter, and get lost in the timeless art of saying ‘thank-you.’

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