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By on July 23, 2019

When it comes to marketing your book, it’s good to have a plan. Using online platforms to help promote your book is a cheap (often free) way to connect with new readers and gather fans.

While some authors find these platforms challenging to manage, one of the simplest and arguably most pleasurable to use is Pinterest.

While it might not seem the most obvious place for book promotion, Pinterest can actually be quite helpful. Here are some reasons why:

Pinterest is great for traffic and requires less effort. While some platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, for example, need constant updating to stay fresh and exciting and relevant to your readers, Pinterest is different. You can get referral traffic from pins and boards you created months, if not years ago. You don’t have to continually add new information, so if you want to take the week, even the month off, your account isn’t suddenly going to look unloved and out of date.

Pinterest can be better for business. With other social media platforms, you have to be more strategic. If you just self-promote, this can turn readers away. On Pinterest however, there is an opportunity to be more direct. No one minds if you comment or not, add your link, pin thirty things all at once and so on. You don’t bombard your followers or come off as needy and desperate. This means you can manage your time more effectively too.

Integrated buy buttons. You can add buy buttons directly onto your pins if you opt for a business account. This means people could buy your book directly from Pinterest which could boost your sales.

So how can you use Pinterest as an author?

Write about writing, and teach people your skills. Writing, marketing, and social media tips type pins seem to do well on Pinterest. Naturally helping people and solving their problems is always going to be popular. You could also share more personalized stuff such as how you write, your mood boards for character creation, mood boards for the worlds you create and so on. This will give readers an insight into the way your mind works and allow them to get to know the author behind the story, which they will love.

Be creative. People love clever quotes, jokes, poems, beautiful sentences. Put your creative skills to good use and come up with some of your own.

Do you think Pinterest could work well as another author platform? Do you already use it? Share your experiences with us here!

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