How To Invest In Yourself As A Writer

By on October 3, 2019

If you want to succeed, you have to invest in yourself as a writer. You might be genuinely committed to being a writer, so you know it is a considerable investment. It’s an investment of your time, your creativity, your emotions, and often your finances too. 

However, it’s fair to say that there are many writers’s out there that give more than they get when it comes to writing, and if you feel a little bit like you are investing your all and getting very little back, it might be time to take a break, reassess and figure out how you can invest in yourself as a writer too. 

If you aren’t sure what we mean by investing in yourself as a writer, take a look at the list below. Here are many ways that you can give something back to yourself, take care of yourself, and ensure that you are doing everything in your power to give yourself the very best chance of success.

So how do you invest in yourself as a writer? 

Take time to learn

If you want to get better at writing, you need to set aside time to educate yourself. When it comes to writing, be that fact or fiction, there are endless ways we can dedicate ourselves to the craft, sharpen our writing skills, and learn more. 

Have a budget

If you want your writing to do well, having a budget that allows you to spend on writing-related things is imperative. Whether that’s investing in a new laptop so you can write on the go, or having a marketing budget for your latest novel, start saving money now so that you can spend later.

Give yourself time

One of the most impactful, and yet easiest ways a writer can invest in themselves is by giving themselves time to write. It may sound simple, obvious even, but without carving time out to be able to give writing your full attention, it is going to be extremely challenging to improve or make any real progress. 

Set goals

Without setting goals, you have no way of measuring how successful you could be. By setting goals, you are not only giving yourself structure and ambition, but you are also taking yourself seriously, which is a massive part of self-investment. 

Show commitment

If writing is your passion, then you shouldn’t let anything stand in your way. An essential part of investing in yourself is proving to yourself that you can do it. By being committed to your goals and moving forward towards them, you demonstrate that you believe in yourself, that you have self-worth and self-respect and this will only go on to catalyze more good things. 

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Think about any good boss, leader or mentor you’ve ever had, when you made a mistake or didn’t quite reach your target, did they come down on you like a tonne of bricks, or were they supportive, encouraging and understanding? Do yourself a favor and stop being so self-critical. It will make you a happier and better writer in the long run!

By following the above, you are taking pride in what you do and becoming more committed to your writing craft, so start investing in yourself today, and you’ll be so glad you did!

So now you know how to invest in yourself as a writer, why not learn how to enjoy your writing time more?

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