The Best Writing Habits To Get Into Right Now

By on November 21, 2017
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When it comes to writing there are countless lessons we can learn. If we want to be successful however it’s a good idea to start adopting some excellent writing habits. After all, the more we try, the better we’ll become.

Here are some of the best writing habits you can get into right now. Don’t delay, start today!

Write daily. Write a little bit every day (and it really can be a little bit). This is the number one best thing you can do for your writing. Just set aside 10 minutes and stick to it and you’ll be amazed at your progress and how good you feel.

Read books (but pay attention). Read daily too. Again, even if you have got only 10 minutes to spare, this is still a great habit. When you read, try to pay attention like a writer. Think about the way the plot unfolds, the way the characters develop and figure out how to apply these techniques to your own work.

Remember, there are stories everywhere. Watch movies, documentaries and TV for inspiration, read the newspaper, eavesdrop on conversations, look around you more. There are stories everywhere; it’s all about keeping your eyes and ears open.

Have a great writing space. Set up a lovely writing space that’s just for you, and use it every time you write.

Make writing your priority. Procrastination and excuses not to write need to become a thing of the past. If you are serious about your writing, you need to make it a priority.

Get some writing buddies. Having a troupe of writing buddies at your fingertips can be so useful for inspiration, for motivation and moral support. Find some other writers to help you stay on the right track.

Think about your reader. Whenever you write, before you begin to ask yourself ‘who am I writing this for?’

Learn about editing. Every good writer is also a great editor. Learn everything you can about the editing process and then make sure you have the time and patience to edit your own book thoroughly - before anyone else sees it.

Research before you write. Getting research out of the way before you write will not only help you write in a more informed and believable way, it will also help you to make sure your story can in fact work!

Save for a publishing and marketing budget. No matter how good you are at editing, writing, designing book covers and so on, having a budget set aside to polish your book and then to promote it could help boost your book sales no end.

Write more than one book. The more you write, the more likely you are to become successful and the more income you can potentially earn. Your books don’t have to be bestsellers, but if you’ve written enough of them and they sell steadily, you could well make a good income from them.

Set manageable goals. Don’t make your goals vague or unrealistic. Have writing goals that are manageable but challenging, then prioritise and stick to them no matter what!

Celebrate your success. Every step you take towards achieving your writing goal is a step in the right direction. Don’t be shy about celebrating your success - you deserve it after all.

Learn from your mistakes. Every writer makes mistakes, and that’s OK. Just try to learn from them, then pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and continue.

Call yourself a writer. In order for anyone else to believe you are a writer, you have to believe it too!

Never give up. No matter what happens, just keep going and believe that you can do it!

Take these great writing habits, embrace them and put them into action right now. You’ll have a better attitude and become a better writer almost instantly!

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

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