30 Non-Fiction Writing Tips

By on June 25, 2021

Improving your nonfiction writing is useful in so many areas of your life. From writing a letter to a loved one to writing an email to your boss, prepping for a presentation, or submitting a business proposal. 

Non-Fiction Writing Tips For Every Writer

Here, you can discover some great tips on how to make your nonfiction writing better. 

  1. Read the greats
  2. Work on your personal voice
  3. Discover new words
  4. Write daily
  5. Write with authority and clarity
  6. Work on your research skills
  7. Know your purpose
  8. Check the tone
  9. Create an outline
  10. Let your first draft flow
  11. Start with a hook
  12. Choose the best work
  13. Eliminate unnecessary modifiers
  14. Watch your adverbs
  15. Keep sentences short and sweet
  16. Avoid complicated language and acronyms
  17. Be authentic and genuine
  18. Focus on one idea per paragraph.
  19. Employ Active Verbs.
  20. Avoid the Passive Voice
  21. Mix Things Up. 
  22. Check for repetition
  23. Check for monotony
  24. Use a spell and grammar checker
  25. Avoid Run-On Sentences.
  26. know your reader
  27. be unique
  28. Let someone else read it
  29. Sense check
  30. Always strive for improvement

By following these 30 great non-fiction writing tips you can improve your non-fiction writing by miles! Working on your non-fiction writing in this way will help you write more precise, effective, and interesting content - whatever you are creating it for. So next time you are writing a piece of non-fiction, be it a blog or a business proposal, make sure you follow the tips above and you should see better results because of it. 

Now you know how to write non-fiction, why not discover how to write a proposal for your non-fiction book?

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