How To Capture Your Reader’s Attention

By on October 10, 2019

When you are crafting an engaging piece of content, you need to consider the reader at all times and capture your reader's attention. Without thinking about ways in which you can capture and hold your reader’s attention, you might write a great article or landing page, but it won’t do what you want it to do because you haven’t considered the reader.

So what can you do to ensure that your intended audience discovers, readers, and acts upon the content you put out there? Follow these useful tips:

Capture your reader's attention - our top tips

Spark their curiosity

Ask an intriguing question, research the problems they have, and let them know you are here to provide solutions, start with a proposition or offer, or piece of information that you know will appeal to them and make them want to know more. 

Keep it personal

If you make your writing personal to the reader, it becomes of importance to them. If you write something personal to that individual, they become much more aware of it, it appears clearer to them and you don’t have to waste words explaining things to them because you’ll already be on the same level.

Make it valuable

Naturally, content that is of value is going to be of interest. To write something of value, however, you need to understand what’s of importance to the reader, not yourself. Just because you think something is fascinating and super exciting doesn’t mean your audience will so spend some time getting into their psyche and finding out what they think is exciting and read-worthy.

Remember the titles and images are vital

A compelling title is everything. Your title needs to be creative and revealing, while also interesting enough to be noticeable amongst the sea of other content. You also need to avoid using click-bait if you want to build your reputation as a trustworthy source. Carefully selected images can also be vital and will add visual interest and break up text too.

Use emotion

Engaging your reader on an emotional level works. Think about how you can add emotion to your content. Using emotive language has been proven to trigger certain parts of the brain, ones that activate behavior and encourage decision making too. 

Follow up

Remember, you don’t have to rely on just one piece of content to attract your reader’s attention. Instead, create a strong second, even a third, to remind your audience that you are there, and keep your business and brand in the forefront of their minds. 

Readers can’t pay attention to everything, and there is lots of competition out there. By using the above attention-grabbing strategies, you can ensure that you give your content the best chance of finding a way to readers who’ll appreciate its value. Good luck!!

So now you know how to capture your reader's attention, why not discover how to know your readers better?

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