10 Signs To Show You Are A True Writer

By on October 22, 2016
10 Signs To Show You Are A True Writer - Writer's Life.org

Do you ever wonder whether you can class yourself as a real writer? What makes one? Do you have to be a published author, or can you call yourself a writer if you only sit down to write once a month for an hour?

There are so many factors that go into what makes a writer great. Deep down inside however is the only way you’ll know if writing is your calling. It is never too late to start writing, so if you think you might be a writer, here are a few things to look out for to be sure you are a one at heart!

Do you dream of writing?

Do you imagine sitting at your computer, coffee in hand, behind a beautiful oak desk looking out through an enormous open window to rolling hills and sparkling blue skies? Do you think about seeing your book on the shelves of a well know bookstore, or being interviewed on TV or in the press about your story?

OK so the reality for most writers is far from this - but it's good to aim high, and if you are dreaming about being a writer, you probably really want it.

Did you write as a child?

Many writers are often able to recall their passion for writing starting very early on. Did you always write stories when you were younger? This could be a sign that you were meant to write!

Do you always guess the ending?

When you read a book can you always figure out what is going to happen before you get to the end? Do you watch movies and immediately know who will end up with who, who is going to die, who is the baddie? Having this kind of intuition suggests that you naturally understand how stories should work to satisfy audiences - so maybe writing your own is a good idea!

Do you love to read?

Always having a book on the go may simply be a hobby for you, but if you actually love reading, and can’t help finding yourself analysing the writing and story structure perhaps you want to give writing your own book a go.

You do it because you love it

While the idea of being published and having a huge number of people read your book sounds amazing to you, you still write even if no one is there to read it. You might have written several books that haven’t been picked up, or you might only write journals or poems or short stories that you share with family and friends, post online, or perhaps you don't share them with anyone at all! A real writer does it for love it alone.

You couldn’t stop, even if you wanted to

You write because you feel you must. It’s hard sometimes, and often a struggle to get started. However, you always end up with that itch to get something off your chest, to write that idea down, to see where your writing takes you, and when you do, it feels glorious!

You see stories everywhere

Are you a daydreamer? A wild fantasist? Do you have your head in the clouds? Writers tend to have overactive imaginations and see stories everywhere. If you constantly feel creatively inspired, it’s time to put that pen to paper.

You love telling stories

Are you always the one around the campfire making up stories for your family and friends, or do your kids love it when you tell them your own stories rather then those from a book? If your stories are already in demand, just think what could happen if you wrote them down!

You love language

Do words excite you? Do you love learning new ones? Do you get excited when you find a new, intelligent and exciting ways of describing something? If you get all funny over a perfectly written sentence, then it sounds like you might just be a writer!

You always wonder where the day has gone

You sit down to write in the morning, then before you know it the sun is going down! Time seems to change it's way of working whenever you write; you become completely immersed in the world you are creating - this not only means you are a writer, but you are probably a pretty good one too!

Finding out whether you are a true writer can be a magical and exciting journey. Do any of these signs sound like you? If so you are probably already there!

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

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