What’s So Good About Goodreads?

By on September 22, 2016
What’s So Good About Goodreads? www.writerslife.org

As an author, trying to get book exposure on as many different platforms as possible is important.

Of course, Amazon is a great platform for book sales and generating feedback, and any online bookstores such as Waterstones or Barnes and Noble give your book authority and credibility.

Then there are the other sites, the sites such as Goodreads where it's not so much about selling your book as it is about connecting and communicating with your readers.

Goodreads is a hugely powerful platform. Bought by Amazon in 2013, Goodreads is an important place to post your book as here you can build up its recommendations and your reputation and, if you are successful on Goodreads, this can really make a difference to how well your book does overall.

Goodreads is actually quite similar to Facebook regarding its opportunities to make connections and share information, apart form it is all focused on writing and books - which makes it perfect for authors to explore! Goodreads is custom built so that self-publishing and indie authors can use it to promote their work and build up a following.

On Goodreads, you can create a kickass author profile which will help you connect with readers and engage your audience. You can also link to your blog and upload and videos associated with your book or even your very own book trailer!

Goodreads is a fantastic platform enabling readers to easily read and review your book. Trust me, your ratings on Goodreads count, so trying to encourage as many readers as possible to check out your work is paramount. You can also set up Goodreads giveaways where you can give free copies of your print books to readers and hope to receive reviews on Goodreads and Amazon if those readers enjoy your work.

Not sure how to promote your book? Well by using Goodreads events you can set up your own mini book launch and giveaway copies of eBooks too. Here you can let your readers know all the details of your upcoming events and create some buzz about them to get as many people interested as possible.

Another great thing about Goodreads is its Feature Groups. Here you can connect and communicate with readers. Joining a featured group means you get together with other authors and answer agreed questions about your books over a given period. In return for doing so, Goodreads will promote your stuff.

Being a Goodreads author really does give you lots of tools to play with, all of which can help you to market your book and build up a following of fans. So whether you have just launched a self-published book, or already have several on there, make sure you take advantage of all its features to really make the most out of marketing your book.

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

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