How To Use Twitter As An Author

By on May 24, 2019
How To Use Twitter As An Author - Writer's

We all know that these days being a writer is about so much more than writing. If we want to connect with readers and promote our work, we need to engage in different platforms to find our audience. Twitter is a social media platform that can be useful for authors to engage with fans, support fellow writers, and promote their work. Here are just some of the things you can use it for.

Follow other authors

Following your fellow authors is bound to be reciprocated and shows that you support them. You'll also get their interesting news and tips coming through on your feed too.

Comment thoughtfully

Find interesting things to read, look at other peoples accounts and like, share and comment on their posts thoughtfully - you can build relationships this way which could help you in the future. Find agents and publishers, those in the industry, book reviewers, and bloggers too!

Recommend books

A love of reading is a prerequisite for any author, make sure that you read lots and share those books that you love on social media.

Talk about your progress

Let your fans and followers know how you are getting on with your latest book. Share your progress, link to snippets, ask for feedback. If you are nearing your launch date, use the platform to promote this, and drum up a sense of excitement and anticipation. Let people know if you have any promotions, book readings or competitions coming up too.

She writing tips

Writers all face different challenges, so why not share your lessons learned and pearls of wisdom through Twitter too?

Try to entertain

Show off your writing skills by being witty, amusing, thought-provoking, and smart on Twitter. You can use those 280 characters to be creative and imaginative, and it will show your followers what you are made of!

Share industry news

Get involved in the writing industry and be another voice that has smart, intelligent things to say that can help writers from all walk of life. You'll look professional, and engaged and people will take you seriously if you do.

Don't just promote yourself

Remember, while Twitter can be an excellent platform to promote yourself and your book, it's not what it should solely be about. People will get bored if you clutter up their feed with self-promotion, so spread out instances of this with retweets, sharing funny and entertaining facts and other pieces of content too.

Be positive!

While it's OK to share your frustrations from time to time, no one likes a negative Nancy! Remember that being positive and uplifting is more likely to engage people, so don't vent unnecessarily or get angry or personal - social media really isn't the place for this.

Getting involved in social media can be daunting, but by following the above tips, you can use it wisely, build your followers, and make it work for you!

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