Unusual Ways To Get People To Read Your Writing

By on November 21, 2018
Unusual Ways To Get People To Read Your Writing - Writer's Life.org

Getting people to read your book can be a considerable challenge. Here are some useful ways to get more people interested in your writing.

Use social media

OK so we know that social media isn’t an unusual tip, but it really depends on how you use it. You are an author; you are creative. You don’t have to promote your book traditionally. Instead, think of smart, strategic ways to get more followers or grab people’s attention - then promote your book as an aside to that.

Make a book trailer

Create a trailer for your book to tell the story visually and make it appeal to a mass audience. Your book trailer will give potential readers an insight into what the book is about and get them excited and intrigued to read it - make sure you include a link to your book at the end.

Ask people to send pictures of them with your book

People love getting involved and feeling as though they are connected to the author, so reach out to your fans and ask them to take pictures of themselves with your book in unusual locations. Put these on your website - something fun like this will make your book seem more popular and could catch on to boost sales.

Create a competition

Everyone loves a good competition, so try to think outside the box and create a contest to get potential readers interested in your work and excited about reading your book.

Give a talk about it

Getting out there and meeting potential readers is the best way to market and promote your book. Think about its themes, what could you give a talk on that is relative? If that doesn’t work then set up book readings at local venues to promote your book.

Tap into book groups

Book groups are a great way to get more people to read your book. Find book groups either locally or further afield and offer them copies of your book to read.

Sell it for charity

Set up a charity fundraiser and sell copies of your book, promising to give all or part of the funds raised from sales to a charity. If the charity links in with some of your book's themes - even better.

Get it translated

Book not selling in your home country? Why not try elsewhere? Get your book translated into different languages and you could find yourself a celebrated and famous author in a foreign country instead!

Include a gift

Everyone loves a freebie so why not include something cute like a free bookmark with every copy of your book to try to boost sales?

Get video testimonials

People are more motivated to buy something if they trust that it is a quality product so make sure you get as many positive reviews and testimonials as you can. Make YouTube videos reading out what people have to say to capture a different kind of audiences attention.

Join discussion forums

If your book has particular themes, then find places online where people are having relevant conversations. Join them, and you can promote your book to an audience that's already invested in your work.

Keep it local

Take your book along to craft fairs and markets, even jumble sales! You might not sell thousands of copies at once, but if you start small, you never know how big it could go.

By following the above tips you can get more people to read your writing - so why not give them a go?

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