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By on October 18, 2017

Nowadays, there are many "so-called" famous young writers. They are product of either a Writing Competition or the Wattpad. But really, are they that good? Or they are just using their influence to gain readers? And the worst? It's by creating numerous accounts just to create publicity or gain reads in their works.


In a generation where stories has gotten cliched or copying (knowingly or unknowingly) other's plot has been in almost every stories, one cannot know whether it's still worth it or not.


In an ocean of great books, famous writers and recycled storylines, how can a mere amateur writer make it to the top? Next to J.K Rowling, Stephen King, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and so forth. Yes, I heard you. It's through gimmick!


I will tell you straight to your face dear, gimmick is a lame but easiest way to be known. Its success rate depends on two things. First, the gravity of your gimmickry. Some gimmicks of these young writers ranges from wearing a mask, to wearing an all black, to wearing an eyeglass, to more absurd if not bizarre costumes and the lists goes on. Who cares if the story isn't even worth it, if you can pull off that gimmick! Right?


Second, it also depends on your readers. Yes dear, to make that gimmick successful, you must have a huge following. Take note that it is crucial for an amateur writer to be friendly and polite to gain readers. Especially the teens, they are mostly your readers. You must always interact with them even with a simple "Hi" or click that "Like" button if you can't accomodate them. Because if you didn't, they might think that you are a snob. That for some, it might affect their interest and eventually you will lost a follower.


But you see, above all these gimmicks that they are coming up, they have forgotten the essence of writing a story. A great story reflects the heart of the author. You as a writer, is giving away your personality, time and thoughts to your work. Sadly, the world isn't fair- so is writing. Readers and writers nowadays are only looking for that "romantic excitement". They lost that depth in what they write or do. They lost that creative imagination to a point that everything is- shallow.


Gimmick or not, a true writer should still have that heart in his craft. Your writing ability is what matters. Regardless if you don't have that number of reads your story deserves. Because a great story will be remembered if not now, maybe sometime in the future. Imagine yourself as a famous writer, with a great plot and a simple gimmick to compliment? You can never go wrong! And for that, you deserved my applause.

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