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By on November 27, 2020

Promoting your book on Facebook is easy if you know how. Here are our top tips on how to get started!

If you want to market your book as an indie author, making the most of social media channels is hugely important. The great thing about social sites is that they are essentially ready-made communities. Ones that are waiting for you to gently nudge them in the direction of your book. So if done right, you can build an army of loyal fans who’ll be clamoring to purchase anything you release in the future too.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites and excellent for book promotion. It has over one billion users every month, making it an incredible platform. In short, it's a huge opportunity to get your work in front of readers' eyes. 

So how can you utilize all that Facebook has to offer? How can you help make it an integral part of your social media marketing? Here are some helpful tips:

Promoting your book on Facebook - some useful tips

Set up your book page

You won’t get very far without a dedicated book page. So make that your first priority and set up a page on Facebook where visitors can find out more about your book and you as a writer.

Keep it up to date with valuable and consistent content

Once you’ve established your page you need to populate it and then work hard to keep it up to date. If people visit your page they won’t stay for long if there is nothing to keep them entertained. So make sure you post great content and do so consistently. 

Figure out who your audience is

Once you better understand who your readers are you will be able to do a much better job at finding out where they hang out on Facebook, and also if you decide to boost your posts or create ads you can use filters to ensure that your posts and adverts will appear in front of those that will be most receptive to them - thus making the most of your budget. 

Always respond (appropriately)

If people take the time to message or comment on your work, make sure you bother to think about them. Respond in a warm and professional manner. Similarly, if you receive any negative comments or feedback be careful about how you choose to address this. If the points are relevant and substantiated you can start a discussion rather than becoming insulting or dismissive However, you might get people who just comment negatively for the sake of it and it’s best to ignore or report these cases. 

Pay attention to analytics

Facebook analytics can help you decipher which posts get the most engagement, whether your ads are working well, and what content is best received by your audience. By better understanding which messages are most effective, you can tailor your content to make it work harder for you and be more well-received over time. 

Utilize Facebook groups and start conversations

Social media sites are just that  - social. Join relevant groups and start conversations to engage with new, like-minded people and potential readers. Remember being genuine and honest in your approach here is key - if you just try to sell your work from the outset you aren’t likely to be very well received. 

These tips are a fantastic starting point to get you using Facebook and all it has to offer to promote your work. So if you want to widen your reach and boost sales, you need to get on board with Facebook today! 

So now you know about promoting your book on Facebook, why not learn some more unusual ways to get people to read your book?

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