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By on March 31, 2015
Promoting Author Pages on Facebook - Writer's

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Do authors need two Facebook pages?

The tech tools enable it; the new digital rules guide it, and all the pieces of your author platform fit and work together to grow an overall impact on increased readership over time.

Without a clear plan to become easily findable, far too many great books and authors get lost, no matter how delicious your content, no matter how compelling your visuals or titles on your blog. That means you need your author brand to appear on the big 4 social networks of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + and learn the author strategy to use them together for greater impact.

Sadly, not enough authors use Facebook effectively, and it has made it difficult for the growing author community to support you.

One of the important tech tools that enable critical linking and sharing is the Facebook fan page, and the authors who understand the superior system of separating your private page from your fan page are able to increase audience reach most effectively. Keep your friends and family private by building your personal page first; then build your author platform very visibly in public by creating your Facebook fan page.

Authors: there is no sense in arguing which of the social networks to choose between! One of the new digital rules is that you must now show up in multiple locations to be found as different audiences congregate at different locations. Join all four.  Leaving out one of the big social networks is as unbalanced as standing on a single leg, or stocking your book to only one bookstore.

Please get your Facebook fan page set up today if you do not have one, and share its url with me and others who support you so that we can Like your page. It’s free. It’s easy. Then provide that url to the many author communities springing up to collaborate with each other for Likes and to stay up to date on your latest blog posts. 

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So why is a Facebook fan page necessary for authors? They allow you to:

  • Drive an audience to your site and blog;
  • Increase audience reach;
  • Provide SEO and social proof of your audience;
  • Multiply your audience through Facebook groups;
  • Build a community via audience dialog;
  • Easily use buttons such as Buy Now, YouTube, and Freebie;
  • Conduct direct advertising via customized audience Facebook ads;
  • And have unlimited followers, as your personal page is capped at 5,000.
One trick to note: You must be logged in from personal page for Likes to count.
Think of your free Facebook fan page as another web site for your author brand that will be listed when readers search your name. F  Like an MC Escher drawing, the postings on your fan page lead to additional locations. When you  Successful authors work this system in many ways online; learn the linking strategy that continues to pull the parts of your author platform together, to work for you literally while you sleep at night.
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