How To Make Each Day Effective

By on March 2, 2018

When you wake up in the morning, what do you plan to do with your day? Or perhaps you don’t even have your day planned. Millions of people wake up without a plan or even a goal set.

To make each day effective, you need to set mini-goals for yourself. When the sun goes down, and the day comes to a close, what do you wish you will have accomplished? Most people don’t get the life they want because they don’t live each day effectively.

The mini-goals you set for yourself should lead you to a bigger goal. The mini-goals will lead to your weekly goals which lead to your monthly goals which will lead to your yearly goals. What you do today will impact how your year goes. You only have so much time in a day why waste it?

When you’re setting mini-goals for yourself, set five of them for the day. Once you accomplish the five goals for the day, you’re done. You can do more but to keep yourself hungry, I’d recommend stopping at five before you burn out.

Five tasks per day might not sound like a lot but that’s 25 or 35 tasks per week. In a month you will have completed over 100 tasks towards your goals. Each task you complete gets you to a better life.

If you find that some goals take longer, maybe only set three goals for a certain day. Sometimes I only set one goal for myself because the goal is so big I know I won’t have any time to complete other tasks.

The purpose of setting mini-goals is so you have a direction of where you want to go with your day otherwise you will arrive at a destination you don’t want to be at.

When you set five mini-goals for yourself each day will be effective.

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