How To Write About Boring Subjects

By on October 9, 2019

We all have to write about boring subjects from time to time. If you are a freelance writer, especially if you are starting out, you might find that you have to write about subjects that are, ahem, less than interesting from time to time. Unfortunately, this is often part and parcel of a freelance writer's career journey. When you begin, you can't be too picky. You haven't found your niche or discovered what you are passionate about writing about. However, when you get more experience and build up a portfolio, things can start to change.

So when you are landed with these jobs that aren't around subjects that aren't of interest to you, how do you make sure you deliver something that's exciting, engaging and of interest to the target audience? Here are some helpful tips.

Writing about boring subjects - tips to make life more bearable!

Research the reader

The best way to start is to find out who the intended audience is. Discover what questions they are asking around the topic. Find out what information they need to know, and the kind of language that they use. By doing this, you'll know how to craft content that they are interested in reading in a way that appeals to them.

Research the topic

By discovering what's already out there on that subject, you can learn which pieces of content have the most engagement. You'll also discover those that don't. You can also see what's been done to death and see how you could improve upon it. Or do something differently.

Take a unique approach

Try to consider how you could take a slightly different approach or write in a way that's unique. Do so while also making sure that you think about the audience and what will be of most value to them at every stage.

Tell a story

Telling a story is a great way to exercise your creativity and use your imagination. Write in an empathetic way, which will pique your reader's interest and draw them in.

Break down your information

If the subject you are tackling is particularly information-heavy, try breaking the more boring facts and figures into helpful snippets. Don't forget to use short paragraphs, headings, and bullet points to help your audience digest information too.

Think about your tone

Remember, even the dullest of topics can be written about in a tone that is lively and exciting, so try to inject some personality into your piece too.

So by following the above, you can make sure you create pieces that are well written and will be of interest to the reader, even if they aren't to you. This will leave you with engaged readers, and satisfied clients, boosting your reputation and meaning you'll soon be able to write about the subjects you love!

So now you know how to write about boring subjects, why not discover some other quick tips for new freelance writers?

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