How To Manage Your Workflow Process For A More Efficient Freelance Writing Business

By on April 17, 2020

Starting a freelance writing business can be tricky - but managing your workflow process is key. If you are a freelance writer, you may well understand how difficult it can be to juggle all your writing gigs. It's a job that doesn't just require considerable research and writing skills, but also meticulous organization, and the ability to stick to tight deadlines, and always deliver work on time.

Getting lots of work is excellent, more work means more money in the bank after all. However, if you start getting a lot of jobs, you need to juggle deadlines, to consider how long each piece of work will take you, to make sure you have all the resources you need, to make time for rewrites and amends and build this all into a workable schedule.

Having excellent workflow processes will keep you on the right track and ensure that your freelance writing business runs like a well-oiled machine.

 So what are some useful tips to help you get there? 

Bring efficiency to your freelance writing business today!

Here are some things to consider:

A client intake form

You might have a contact form on your website, a client might drop you an email, and you have a conversation. The exchange then goes back and forth until you agree on the work required and deadline and payment. However, having a client intake form can make this process so much faster, easier, and more transparent too. Your form can ensure that you gather all the relevant information about the project in one place. It allows you to be completely clear on what is required and acts as a contract between the two of you, so everyone's expectations are aligned before you being working. 

A welcome package

Want to look super professional and stand out amongst your competitors? A welcome package will do just that. Take your time to consider the wording and design and then think about the useful documents you'll want every client to have. You might wish to include an in-depth client questionnaire, a process template, so your client knows what to expect from you, your working hours, how many revisions you offer, a breakdown of the deadlines, and how you wish to be paid. You can also include instructions on any tools or particular software you use, such as Google Docs, so that clients don't have to keep badgering you if they are not familiar. 

An 'end of the contract' package

If you want to leave a great impression of your freelance writing business and increase your chances of landing a fantastic review or being rehired by the same client, putting together an end of contract package is also wise. Here you have an opportunity to really impress the client and deliver a service that surpasses expectations. Things you could include are an FAQ sheet, a feedback questionnaire, a discount if they choose to work with you again, an information sheet reviewing all the different types of service you offer, and some helpful resources, relevant to their brand. 

By following the above, you can hope to streamline the workflow processes in your freelance writing business, making it easier for you to work on multiple clients, stay organized and impress those you work with from the very first point of contact to the very last. Good luck!

So now you know how to streamline the workflow processes of your freelance writing business, why not discover how to set your freelance writing rates?

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