How Being Positive Can Help Your Writing

By on February 11, 2017
How Being Positive Can Help Your Writing

It’s important to be positive in general, however, when specifically thinking about our writing, staying positive can really help.

Here’s why:

Being positive opens creativity

Think about it. When you are feeling positive and happy about life, you are more likely to open up those channels of creativity and become more free to use your imagination, to daydream, and will feel inspired by the word, the people around you and how you feel within yourself.

If you're feeling negative and down, often this can block your creative energy and leave you feeling stuck, which can, in turn, become a vicious downwards spiral where you are constantly beating yourself up for not being able to write as well as you should but only making it worse and harder to come up with ideas and concentrate on your writing in the first place.

It makes you more productive

When you are actually feeling positive about your writing you are more likely to do it. Simple as that. The more that you do write, and the more you feel great about writing the more you will want to do it! Try to stop any negative thoughts about your writing from entering your mind, and if they do try to quash them immediately. When you get into a cycle of writing and feeling good about writing try to keep it up and you’ll become a super productive writer in no time!

Staying positive increases your self-belief

If you are in a positive mind frame you will feel more confident, happier, and more comfortable in your own skin. This makes your sense of self-worth greater and makes you believe in yourself more. The more self-belief you have the more you can keep that pesky inner critic at bay! Writers all have times of doubt, where they start to wonder whether writing is actually the right thing to be doing. But staying positive will make you see that it is all worthwhile in the end!

Makes you thankful

Being positive makes you thankful each and every day for the good things in your life and what you have achieved. The more you focus on how grateful you are the more positive you will feel. By focusing on positives you will not only feel better overall but you will become so grateful to have writing in your life. You’ll see what a joy and a gift and a pleasure it is.

If you want to be more positive why not try starting a ‘positive journal?’ At the end of each day, you can write down three things you are grateful for. This will slowly encourage you to shift your focus from negative to positive, and you’ll soon begin to reap the rewards of doing so!

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

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