Having A Bad Writing Day? Here’s What To Do

By on March 4, 2021

Are you having a bad writing day? Let's face it, not every writing day is going to be a good one. Sometimes we sit down to write and the words simply don’t want to come out. This can feel frustrating and can mean that we feel as though we aren’t making progress and won’t reach our goals. A bad writing day can have a knock-on effect and before we know it, we haven’t written in weeks. But the truth is, not everyone can feel motivated all the time. So the better armed we are to deal with a bad writing day, the easier it will be to bounce back and not let anything stop us.

If you are having a bad writing day, here’s what you can do to tackle it…

Work on something else

There are plenty of other tasks you can be getting on with if you don’t feel like writing. So if you are finding it too challenging to be creative today, do something else. Conduct some research, try some editing, work on a new project or start investigating publishers to send your book to when you are finished 

Give yourself a break

The worst thing you can do when you are having trouble writing is beat yourself up about it. Some days you just don’t feel like writing, and that’s OK. Being kind to yourself is the most important thing. If you have an off day once in a while it’s not going to make a significant impact on your writing journey overall.

Give yourself mini goals and rewards

If motivation is a problem, set yourself some super short mini goals and give yourself a reward every time you achieve one. So write 500 words and have a biscuit. Write another and buy yourself some flowers. Write another and spend the next half hour sitting in the sunshine - whatever works for you. Use this goal and reward system as a way to give your day some focus and break down your tasks into more manageable goals with enticing rewards at the end of them.

Get some feedback

If you aren’t sure what to do with your novel next or feel like you have gone off track why not get some feedback to ensure you are on the right lines? Reach out to someone whose opinion you value and trust and get some constructive criticism to help get you back writing with vigor once more.

Do some exercise

Sometimes you might just need to get that blood pumping through your veins once more. So why not get outside and do some vigorous exercise to help invigorate and inspire you?

Read instead

You could also try picking up a good book for an hour or so to help motivate and inspire you. Good writing is always a pleasure to read and can be a fantastic way to help kickstart those creative juices. So always have a great book to hand and if you are finding it too challenging to write, give yourself a reading challenge instead. 

By following the above, you can learn to turn your bad writing days around. Remember to always be gentle with yourself and while you might have to apply a bit of pressure and tough love sometimes if you are really not in the mood, just have a reset and then get back to it the next day!

So now you know what to do when you are having a bad writing day, why not read about how to think positively as a writer?

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