It’s a Hat, It’s a Broach, It’s a Pterodactyl!

By on October 11, 2017
Blogs, everyone has one. Everyone takes time to write them, SEO optimize them, each one is like a baby- that you eventually let the internet see, and hopefully love. Or at least thinks isn’t ugly, but what happens when the traffic slows down?
And you can’t make brand new, original content every day, what do you do? You can’t keep recycling babies! Can you?
In the case of blogs, you can. Blogs, and articles can have life beyond just being a post.
Having to write a script for a video is just more work, and why do it when you already have a script? One that you could break up into multiple parts, multiple videos? Not to say you shouldn’t write or edit it, for a different format, or have semblance of a script.
You can add more information, elaborate or sum your blog up with a video, or videos. Just take notes, the outline- or the entire blog, and talk to you’re a camera, you already have one on your phone or computer, or make it a more detailed production.
If you’re camera shy, there’s tools like Lumen5, just copy and paste, choose music, pictures, and voila. Adobe Spark is similar, but there’s less free music and there’s no copy and paste option, there’s also no free video. However, if you want to narrate, and can keep it under 25 slides, try Adobe Spark.
People love free stuff, and will subscribe if you offer it. Blogs are quite easily turned into ebooks, and tools like FlipHTML5 allow you to make interactive ones. Ebooks take more work, and are less popular than videos. But a well-made ebook for a specific niche can be quite successful.
They can be a, well, but people love them. They take time, and skill, so don’t choose your blog lightly. Infographics are also a great way to sum up information. All visual content is, people who watch your visual content are much more likely to buy your product.
Quote Blocks
These perfect little social media snippets have already written themselves, just make them look good in Photoshop, Publisher, or Canva- it already has the standard sizes and it’s mostly free. You can buy some elements, and upgrade to pro as well, at significantly less expense than other options.
You can also make blog titles, an ebook, and everything a blog or you could need.
Blogs don’t have to be another article, or post on the internet. They can be so many other, interactive, enticing things. Give your blogs a life beyond what they have now, your new audience will appreciate you for it.


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