Finding Little Windows To Boost Your Writing Productivity

By on January 21, 2021

Boost your writing productivity today with these great tips!

When it comes to finding the time to write for many of us, it can be tricky. Some are lucky enough to be able to dedicate vast chunks of time to writing every day. We know how good it is to keep those creative cogs turning and to write as frequently as possible. However, for those of us juggling busy day jobs and an action-packed home life, it can be a real struggle to carve out any writing time at all.

However, we all must take responsibility for finding the time to write. If it is our passion we must listen. If there is something inside of us that keeps reminding us that we have an important story to tell, we must obey. It is up to us to find those little windows in our day where we can set aside some time to shape our stories. To create our characters, and progress in our writing goals and dreams. 

Those who simply cannot give up entire days, afternoons, or even hours to write - do not despiar!. Little and often works well, and if you try the below, you'll find those slices of time all add up. 

So here are some ways to find more time to write:

Work breaks

It’s important to take breaks from your job now and again, and studies have shown that taking a break and focusing on something different for a while at regular intervals throughout the day is actually beneficial to your productivity. So when you’ve got a 10-minute break coming up, or longer for your lunch, why no spend some of it writing as much as you can. Even if you focus for 5 - 10 minutes, twice a day, you can train your brain to be super productive in that time. 

Waking up early

Even if you are an early bird already, set your alarm 10 minutes earlier - it’s not going to make a massive difference to how tired you are, and in those dawn minutes, you can write undisturbed. 

Travel time

Whenever you have to take a train journey, a plane journey, or are the passenger in a car, you can use that downtime to make some progress with your writing. Travel time is ideal for getting your laptop or notebook out, developing your ideas, and making progress with your story. 

Before dinner

If you live with a partner or friend, let them take over dinner duties a few nights a week and use that time to do some writing. Even if you live by yourself, you could have a couple of ‘cheat’ meals that you pre-prepare or are super fast to cook so that you free up some time to get that word count up!

Before Bed

Going to bed ten minutes later shouldn’t do you any harm, and you can use this little window of time to write. This is an ideal time to keep up to date with a writer’s journal, note down your thoughts and experiences or anything that comes to mind and clear your head before bed.

After exercise

Exercising is a great way to help you feel energized and refreshed and can also be an ideal opportunity to come up with some new creative ideas. So after your workout, why not spend ten or so minutes writing and see if this is a productive time for you to be creative and make some progress. 

The truth is that there is time in the day to set aside for writing; you just need to find those windows of opportunity to do so. So next time you are despairing at your slow writing progress, why not try some of the above, just for a week or two, and see what a difference it makes to your work?

So now you've learned how to boost your writing productivity, why not try some quite ways to boost your writing confidence?

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