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By on December 1, 2017
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One of the most frequently asked questions from authors who have recently published their books is, ‘why isn’t it selling?’

It can be so frustrating, particularly after all the time and effort (and quite possibly money) you’ve put into getting your book to the publishing stage if the sales just don’t start coming in. Many authors believe they are doing everything right and yet start to feel incredibly disheartened when book sales just don’t match their expectations.

There are, however, some common mistakes that many first time authors make that result in reduced book sales. So if you are disappointed with the results, read on and see how you can boost your book sales as well as come to terms with the fact that some factors are simply outside an authors control.

Poor editing

A poorly edited book won’t sell. It’s as simple as that. Make an effort and spend the money to get your book properly edited. It’s the least you can do since you’ve actually finished it - don’t sell yourself short now!

A terrible cover

Don’t design your book cover yourself - have it done professionally. Again this costs money, but it really will make all the difference.

The wrong genre

Where have you listed your book? Think carefully about its genre. Put it in the wrong one, and you’ll disappoint readers who were expecting something different. Too vague and it will get lost, too niche and no one will find it, or your readership will be so small you won’t be doing it justice. Picking the right genre and your book will be seen by the people who want to read it.

Not enough advertising

Many authors just aren’t advertising their books properly. If you’ve put out a couple of Facebook ads, written a blog post and tweeted about it, how many people have you actually reached? For your book to be successful, you need to think about who your audience is, why they would be motivated to buy and then reach out to them in every single way you can think of.

Bad timing

Don’t release your book on the same day as one from a world-famous author that’s been talked about for months. Time your release well and also think about the timing of your book promotions too. Getting this right can make a big difference to how well your book gets noticed.

Incorrect pricing

If you price your book too high no one will buy it. Why would they splash out buying a book from an author they’ve never heard of when they could spend the same or less on one of their dearly loved authors? Too low and readers will be suspicious that your book is no good. Research what other books are selling for in your genre and place yourself somewhere in between that works for you.

No reviews

Amazon and Goodreads reviews count and will make your book seem better quality and more trustworthy. However, endorsements in publications is where the real success lies. Get some bloggers to review your book, get a magazine or newspaper to write about it, and you’ll be reaching so many more people.

By following the above, you should slowly but surely see an increase in your book sales. Of course, you have to be patient, and there are no guarantees, but at least you can feel safe in the knowledge that you gave your book the very best chance of success.

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

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