Are You Actually Getting Paid What You’re Worth?

By on April 19, 2018

If you ask most people if they feel like they are getting paid enough, the most common answer will be no. If you’re someone reading this article, you’re part of the majority who doesn’t think they are getting paid enough. You know you’re not getting paid what you’re worth, but how much longer will go knowing that? If you know you’re not getting paid what you’re worth, then it’s up to you to do something about it. No one will make more money for you, this is something you have to take up on your own.

If you’re working a job and you know you’re not getting paid enough, then it’s up to you to ask your boss for a raise. You shouldn’t be asking for a raise just because you want more money. You only deserve a raise if you’ve added more value to the company in the past couple of months.

If you have clients who you’ve worked with for a long time and you are both satisfied with the relationship, it’s time to ask for a raise. State your case on why you deserve more. You should never ask for more money if you have done nothing to warrant it.

People know they’ve added value and want more money but are still too scared to ask in the fear of getting rejected or even let go from their job. If you’ve been at the same job, and know you’ve been providing added value, then there is no way your boss can say no. The worst thing your boss can do is say no. No one will fire you because you’ve added value and are looking to be compensated. If your boss says no, you know where you stand in the company and can look for another job.

More people will take a job paying $50,000 than $100,000 because that’s the belief in themselves. Don’t let yourself be one of those people. Understand that you’re an amazing person who deserves more money than they’re currently getting paid!

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