How To Re-Charge Your Motivation

By on March 22, 2018

There will be up and down periods in your life. Success is easy to achieve when you’re going through an up period. When you’re going through a down period, success can be scarce.

When you encounter a down period, it can be hard to stay motivated. Upon waking up, you relinquish the thought of working. The problem is if you spend too much time in a down period there’s a chance you may never get out.

When you feel yourself going through a down period, the best thing you can do is acknowledge it right away. The first step to recharging your motivation is becoming aware why you’re not motivated to work.

This usually comes from pushing yourself too hard and not taking a break or it’s from encountering a failure and you don’t have the will to push yourself forward anymore. Once you’re aware why you’re not motivated, then you can put the focus back on making yourself motivated again.

It will not be an easy process and you need to start small. You can’t go from not working to suddenly wanting to work ten hours a day. You can do this for a week but I guarantee you that you’ll be back to not working once the week ceases.

Start with working one hour each day. What you do doesn’t have to be intricately related to work, it could be a passionate project. It’s anything that’ll get your mind thinking again.

Your end goal is to create momentum for yourself. Once you work an hour per day for a week, then increase it the following week and the week thereafter so you’re working eight to ten hours per day again. When you create momentum for yourself, you’re able to re-charge your motivation and get back to your old self!

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