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By on April 29, 2021

Do you want to learn about writing a book series?

Writing a book series can be a fantastic way to make more money as a writer, and to engage the interest of agents and publishers. If your series does well, you’ll be making a lot more money for them too!

If you have an idea that you think has the strength and longevity from which to create a book series, there are considerations before you dive right in. So what are the things that you need to think about? Here is a brief guide on how to create a successful book series. 

Finding a concept that works

A book series must have a robust concept at its core, one that will be able to last several books. If you know that you are stretching your idea for the sake of it, don’t do it. There are specific genres that tend to lend themselves more favorably to series creation, namely fantasy and adventure stories. That’s not to say series can’t work across other types, but it is important to note the rules and confines of the genre you are writing in, and decide whether your concept is really so brilliant that you feel confident you can break them successfully. 

Work on your structure

Doing lots of work on your structure prior to any actual writing is usually a good idea for the series author. Your most important objective is to develop your outline and to feel assured that the plot will unfold over several books. Define topics and themes for each book. If you are a new author, a trilogy is usually the aim because this is the most popular number for series novels. Plan a structure that works over three novels and make sure that you have enough material to write them.

Know your ending

You don’t have to work backward, but it’s a good idea to have a clear understanding of exactly where you intend your novel to go before you begin. The ending should be mapped out beforehand so you can understand how to construct your story to get you to that point. By creating a rough draft of your entire plot, you are less likely to get stuck or run out of juice before you get to the end. 

Develop robust characters

No book works without great characters, but for the characters in a series, there is even more pressure to be engaging and relatable. Readers need to fall in love with the characters in your book and be thoroughly engrossed in their lives. Every character needs a reason to be part of the story, every character must be unique. You must also be able to write consistent characters across the series. While characters may change and grow, their personalities must adapt seamlessly and believably.

Loose ends are key

One of the most important things to remember when learning how to write a book series is that loose ends are good. Winding everything up at the end of each book won’t work in a series. You need there to be loose ends and unanswered questions to motivate the reader to buy the next book in the series. Build curiosity and keep them hanging to ensure they come back for more. As you move into the next book, tie up some of the loose ends and create new ones. 

With passion, perseverance, commitment, and creativity, and by following the above tips you can be well on your way to creating a gripping and immersive book series. Good luck!

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