Winter Motivation – How To Stay Motivated

By on January 7, 2021

Do you suffer from a lack of winter motivation? When the weather is cold and the days are short, it can be all too easy to want to hibernate. When getting out of bed seems like a challenge in itself? We get that the idea of carving out time to write can feel laughably unrealistic. We want to curl up under blankets and watch Netflix, not have to engage our half-frozen brains in something that requires effort and concentration.

However, just because winter is well and truly upon us, we shouldn’t start to become slack. Sticking to our writing goals may require more effort and determination, but they are still so worth doing.

So what are some useful ways to stay motivated during the winter months?

Here are some helpful tips:

Learn productivity techniques

There are lots of amazing people out there who are excited to share their tried and tested productivity techniques with you. Everyone has different ways to get motivated, but why not invest in some popular books on motivation and effectiveness to learn what works for you? You can discover and start to use some strategies from hugely successful people that are sure to keep you on the right path toward reaching your writing goals.

Acclimitize to dark mornings

Throwing open your curtains to a gloriously sunny day is something we can only dream of now. For many of us, having to get out of bed before the sun comes up can be a real problem. However, learning how to get used to this, and do so with positivity and energy now can be a game changer when the seasons turn. If you get used to writing in the dark mornings, you’ll be able to continue to do so in the summer, meaning you will find it easier to get up earlier and find more time to write later in the year. 

Go to bed early with a good book

When the sun starts to set, and you’ve barely finished your lunch, you might feel like the end of the day is around the corner, and your energy and motivation start to wane. Dark, cold evenings aren’t very appealing to step outside into, so instead, why not try to conserve as much energy as possible and go to bed early, with an excellent book to keep you company?

Focus on short term goals and rewards

People tend to work better if they give themselves short term goals and reward themselves each time they achieve them. So if you want to keep your motivation up, keep goals short and sweet to ensure that you can always see the next step ahead.

Keep warm and get as much natural light as possible

Nothing makes us suffer from a lack of winter motivation and want to dive back under our duvets like a freezing cold, dark room to work in. So if you can, try to keep your workspace warm and cozy, and get out and about when the sun is up for a boost of Vitamin D and positivity!

By following the above, you can keep your motivation levels high, even during the coldest, darkest winter days. So don’t let the colder weather become an excuse not to write your book, and use these tips to stay on the right writing track!

Does winter motivation get to you? Hopefully these tips will help. Now why not discover some more tips to re-charge your motivation?

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