What Makes A Story Interesting?

By on April 23, 2021

Want to learn about what it is that makes a story interesting? Here you'll learn how to keep your audience captivated.

Writing an interesting story isn’t as easy as you might think! No matter how good your initial idea, the art of storytelling has many parts and if you want to ensure your story captures and captivates your audience, there are certain things that you must include.

So what are the elements that make a good story? Let’s take a look.

What makes a story interesting? Our top tips!

Drama and action

Every good story must be full of drama. Drama is what brings stories to life and stops them from being dull and uninteresting. Things need to happen in your story, it needs engaging action that moves forwards and takes the readers on an exciting journey where they are always excited to see what happens next. 

Familiarity and resonance

People must be able to resonate with your story. Even it is otherworldly and about things they have never experienced before, clever storytelling can evoke a certain sense of familiarity and can help to draw the reader in, to make them feel closer to the characters and the world you have created too.

Simplicity and clarity

Simple stories are often the best kind of stories. There is often an urge from authors to create unnecessary complications that lead to the story being overwritten and confusing. Strip your story, think about how to simplify sentences, be clear and direct and get to the heart of the story right away. 

Immersion and emotion

Readers want to be able to get lost in your story and fully immerse themselves in the world which you have created. You should also aim to evoke emotion and drive your readers to engage with the story on an emotional level. 

Meaningful and relatable

Your story needs to be relatable otherwise the readers will have trouble achieving many of the above points. Make your characters relatable so that readers can feel empathetic towards them. Your story also needs to have some meaning. Without meaning, you may wish to ask yourself, why am I writing this story? What is the point in it? If you can’t clearly state the meaning of your story, you might wish to rethink the plot.

If you can include all the above elements in your book, you are more than likely to have a pretty awesome story on your hands. So next time you have an idea for a story, ask yourself if it includes all of these things, and if it does, get writing pronto!

Now you know what makes a story interesting, why not learn about how to get inside your characters' heads?

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