What Are Your Content Marketing Goals?

By on September 2, 2016
What Are Your Content Marketing Goals? - ww.writerslife.org

If you want to be a great content marketer, it is important that you set out clear goals for yourself. Without goals, it is challenging to give a clear answer to the question ‘what are you hoping to achieve?’

Every piece of content should have a purpose, an audience in mind and a coherent objective. Are you trying to sell something, to create action, to arouse sympathy? Without knowing this, before you begin, you’ll find it tough to write a successful piece.

Take a look at these content marketing goals that we think are well worth pursuing.
To build trust

If you want to be a successful content marketer you should have a good rapport with your audience. They should see you as an authority; they should know if they come to you-you will provide content that is valuable, engaging and not full of ulterior motives. If they believe you are genuine, they will trust you, and trust is how you can help your audience grow.

To attract new prospects

Whatever the purpose of your content, the more people that read it, the better. So you need to aim to continuously grow your audience, to attract new readers and, better still, get them to share your content to attract even more.

Be remarkable, be unique, take tired old content and make it sparkle, build on ideas, ask questions, pique your reader's interest, allow them to be curious. Make your content attention grabbing and then hold that attention by writing something brilliant.

Your business will only remain healthy if it continues to grow and writing compelling content will help make this happen.

To be a problem solver

Good content understands what people want. They want answers, they want solutions to those head scratching, mind boggling, confusing questions. They want their lives to be made easier, they want convenience and knowledge, and they want to be entertained.

Understand what your audiences problem is, then solve it. It really can be a simple as that.

To anticipate objections

Your audience is willing you to solve their problems, but they will also be on the lookout for potential problems. If you pre-empt these, then you are more likely to build trust and gain confidence.

Say you are trying to explain the benefits of installing energy saving light bulbs in your home (exciting stuff, we know) - your readers might object at the cost. However, if you explain how over time that the energy saving light bulbs will pay for themselves (they last longer, they reduce electricity consumption and so on), then you are easing your readers fears almost immediately.

To be creative

Just because writing content isn’t writing a novel or a poem, doesn’t mean that it lacks creativity. Content can shine from a page; it can be witty, slick, intelligent and funny. Use your creative skills to write content that does all of these things - it will be all the better for it.

Having achievable content marketing goals helps you to create a strategy that will mean you can produce great work each and every time. So before you write your next piece, why not think about what your aims are and see if that affects the result?

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