Want To Write A Book? It’s Time To Get Organized!

By on January 29, 2018
Want To Write A Book? It’s Time To Get Organized! - Writer's Life.org

On the surface organization and creativity don’t seem to go hand in hand. When you are feeling creative, you want to be free and not to be restricted by any rules. Organization is all about keeping tabs on what you are doing, having order, and routine.

When it comes to writing, however, if you aren’t organized it could have an adverse effect on your writing and, in turn, your creativity. It actually pays to self-impose some order into your writing day to ensure you will be at your most productive. It’s good to plan for the future, to do research, and yes, even to have a great filing system!

So what are the ways you can get organised and become a better writer? Let’s take a look:

Organizing your writing space

One of the biggest enemies of any writer is getting distracted. It’s all too easy to let other things get in the way of our writing and take over. To make sure this doesn’t happen it’s a good idea to try and keep your writing space as neat, tidy and organized as possible. If you know exactly where everything is as well as feel calm and comfortable in your writing space, you’ll find it so much easier to get on with your work.

Organizing your research

Your book will be so much better if you bother to do thorough research as you write. Organizing your research in a way that is most helpful to you is so important. It can be easy to start off researching with enthusiasm, but then when faced with actually using it find it muddling and confusing. By organising your research properly, you’ll know exactly which bits relate to which bits of your story and make it so much easier to call upon your research when necessary.

Organizing your files

Whether you like to work with paper files or have everything stored on your laptop, keeping your desktop free and having a good system in place so you can easily access everything you need will ensure you writing day runs smoothly and seamlessly!

Organizing your schedule

A writer without a writing schedule runs the risk of procrastinating or simply putting their writing off over and over again. By setting yourself a realistic but challenging writing schedule, you’ll be more likely to stick to writing regularly and will be so much more impressed with the progress that you make.

These organization tips are simple to implement and will help anyone who wants to write a book feel as though they are prepared and ready, and help them to stay on track.

Which tools do you use to stay organized? Let us know here!

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

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