Top Tips Every Content Writer Should Know

By on November 24, 2017
Top Tips Every Content Writer Should Know - Writer's

If you are trying to make it as a content writer, you’ll know that often there can be fierce competition for jobs. Whether you are promoting your own work, or working on behalf of a client, getting your content just right is so important.

Content writers need to be able to understand how to write creative, compelling copy every time they produce a new piece. In doing so, they’ll get repeat work, build up an excellent reputation in the industry and are more likely to win those bigger and better jobs.

So what are some great tips for content writers?

Put the most important information first

People have short attention spans and may well merely scan through your article. By putting the most critical information first, you’ll ensure that they get your point and absorb what you are trying to tell them.

Use headings

Headings will help break up your text which makes it easier to read. It will also help scanners to find the pieces of information they are most interested in. It will help to keep your text clear, concise and to the point too.

Make lists

Making lists and bullet points are a great way to feed information to people quickly and easily. Instead of having vast walls of texts, delivering a series of short, sharp points can be much more effective.

Your title must be persuasive (and truthful)

Your title is what potential readers first notice, so make it attention-grabbing. However, you also need to be truthful. Don’t write a headline that you know people will click on, only to have the content underneath that doesn't live up to its promise. If you do this, your audience will feel cheated and angry and won’t make the same mistake twice.

Understand your audience

When writing good content, the most important consideration is your target audience. Who are they? What do they want? What problems do they have that you can solve? Considering your reader throughout your piece is imperative.

Write simply

While it’s fun and often beneficial to be intelligent, witty and creative, if you overdo it you could find that you are isolating a significant demographic of readers. Again this is all down to knowing your readership. If your article is informative than make it so, -don’t try to be too smart, just deliver the information simply and clearly. If your article is for entertainment purposes, you may have more creative freedom to try to make it humorous or unique.

Use visuals to help you

Using great visuals to help emphasise your points and draw attention can make your content look fresher, more professional and exciting, so consider adding some sharp and relevant images to your content.

Know your purpose

Above all, you should always write with purpose. Before you even begin you should have a clear idea of what you are hoping to achieve with your work and keep that in mind throughout, making sure you are guiding your audience to where you want them to be and getting them to act in the way you want them to act by the time they have finished reading.

So next time you are writing a piece of copy, whatever the job or project, take into consideration the above and you’ll be sure to see an improvement and a more profound sense of satisfaction in the work you produce.

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

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