These Things Don’t Make You A Bad Writer

By on March 4, 2021

Do you think you are a bad writer? Read on to discover why you need to stop feeling guilty about how you write.

There is nothing worse than a writer’s guilt. You know where you start to let negative thoughts eat away at you and these affect your work. We spend so much of our time feeling guilty. We often doubt ourselves or feel like we are doing the wrong thing. So let’s set the record straight and try to alleviate some of these negative emotions. Here are some things you might think and feel that absolutely don’t make you a bad writer.

Not being in the mood to write

Just because you really feel like you don’t want to write today, you aren’t a bad writer. We can’t wake up every day feeling inspired and enthused to write. Even the most prolific writers have days where they simply aren’t in the mood.

Hating your work

You don’t have to love your work all the time. In fact, there might be lots of times where you hate it. Not feeling like your work is going well or even thinking that it’s bad doesn’t mean you should stop writing. Work through it and soon this will pass.

Being jealous of other writers

Being jealous of other writers, their work and their success doesn’t mean you are an awful writer or person. Writing is a tough and competitive industry and it’s OK sometimes to have a good old moan about how unfair it all is. Just don’t let feelings of jealous take over o consume you or prevent you from making progress on your own path. 

You use other writers ideas to inspire you

Other writer's work is there to be investigated, to be researched, to be used as motivation. All artists borrow from one another. If you read a really great piece or book and this gives you an idea for something you could do, that’s OK and it doesn't make you a bad writer just because you take inspiration from others.

Finding celebrated books rubbish

Not everyone can like everything and if you read a bestseller or booker prize winner or critically acclaimed author and don’t see what all the fuss is about, that doesn’t make you stupid or unrefined or not talented. You won’t be alone and there is room for all kinds of different work and different styles, so just do you.

Feeling overwhelmed by the publishing process

Feeling overwhelmed by getting your book in a fit state to publish, not to mention all the work that comes after is totally normal. Most writers just want to write, and it takes a lot of courage, dedication, and determination to get your head around everything else you need to do to make your book a success. Just try to keep plowing on - you’ll get there in the end.

Getting rejected

Just because you’ve been rejected you must not think you are a bad writer. Some of the most celebrated authors of all time were rejected initially so don’t take it to heart. 

So there you have it, next time you experience any of the above take comfort in that all writers go through similar things from time to time, and don’t let this stop you from feeling good about what you are doing, and certainly don’t let it stop you from writing!

So now you know why certain things don't make you a bad writer, why not read about some of the differences between bad writers and good writers?

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