The Haunting

By on October 31, 2017

Another night of no sleep. I don't know how much longer I can go on. I'm stuck. All my money was used to buy this house.
There is the sobbing again. The headless woman is roaming my bedroom. She is looking for her head.
I should have done more research on the house. There was no mention of the son chopping off his mother's head and then calling the police. He wanted them to put her head back on.
This house is over 100 years old. It is a wonder I have not lost my mind. It was built on top of an old Indian burial ground. In the late 1800s on a snowy day, the people tried to bring a dead body up cliff road. As they couldn't get the coffin up the hill, they buried the body right under my basement.
"Someone please turn off the sobbing." My headache is returning with a vengeance.
My first clue was the telephone constantly ringing while I was trying to clean the front room floor before moving in. There was no telephone anywhere. It was ringing from the walls. If I would have been able to answer it, maybe I would have found out about the headless woman.
I can hear the bottles rattling in the basement and the sound of cracking bones. I have checked the basement repeatedly and there is no sign of anything being out of place.
I wish my dogs would come in at night, but they refuse to enter the house. I would feel so much safer if they were near.
"Please go away. I need to get some sleep," I cried into the darkness.
I hear the door chime downstairs. It is now midnight. Who would be coming to the house at this hour? I guess I'll have to get up to check it out. It's been ringing now for 30 minutes. I've got to get some sleep.
As she got up from the bed, put on her robe, and headed for the stairs, she felt a cold chill in the air. She took the first step down and felt the push. She tumbled down the flight of stairs to end in a heap at the bottom. She now does not have to worry about getting her sleep anymore.

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