The Different Man

By on September 22, 2017

Among thousands of stars is the moon; a different entity amidst common entities. Among thorns shoot the beautiful rose; a different specie amidst common species. Among common men is a different man with a mind working a little beyond the extreme to distinguish him.

If the moon were a human, how could he have outshone the stars without challenges? If the beautiful rose were a being, how could she have grown so beautiful without facing troubles and difficulties from the troubling thorns? So then, how can a man be distinguished without first facing challenges from the common man that surrounds him? Consider the beauty of the moonlight. Consider the glory of the rose. Consider the magnificence of these entities despite being in the ‘midst of trouble’. It is a wonder that these entities even use the challenges surrounding them as a stepping stone.

Imagine how the beauty of the rose shoots out from the midst of the thorns. Imagine how the stars glitters the moon as though it were a nucleus surrounded by electrons. Then imagine how the different man can maximize the challenges surrounding him about to stand out and be different. What makes the different man different is his ability to maximize every single moment and opportunity for the betterment of the society. It is a wonder that as the moon struggle and eventually brings out its beauty in its light, it doesn’t shine for the sake of itself. Is it not even a wonder that as the rose managed to out-beautiful the surrounding thorns, it did not radiate its beauty for the sake of pride? These entities maximize their values for the betterment of humanity; they give out there glories (in the midst of turbulent storm) to bring out the beauty of life for humanity to embrace. So is the different man. He brings out his best to add value to the life of others in every endeavor. What motivates him is the betterment of others and not himself. If we all can dare to be different, imagine how beautiful our world would be? Just imagine how far we could have come as a nation? Imagine how great our achievement would be as a people.

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