By on November 21, 2017

You see sorrow but you don't speak,

You fear that your own will make you weak.

For you don't know,

My sorrow is my own!

For I see the truth of the world,

And it has made me hurl.

I try to close my eyes and think of love,

But that only shoved,

The pain and sorrow deeper.

As this hill of life becomes steeper,

In the world of pain.

What do we have to gain?

People Lie!

People Die!

I've grown too cold,

As this world stole.

Every bit of happiness that came my way,

But how could I make it stay?

When I'm too weak and hurt to fight,

For you crying at me in fright.

How can I heal this sorrow?

For that it will only grow deeper tomorrow!

Listen to what I say,

And begin to Pray!

Pray for  my soul!

It's fine if you don't,

But remember me if there is no tomorrow.

For me,

Tomorrow could never come.

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