Realm Portals

By on January 31, 2018

There are places on this planet that cross over to other realms. There are few that know some of the locations and none that know them all, however, there are people that have been sent to other realms to interact and we are none the wiser.  Some of these beings live on this very planet with us and we see them every day without even knowing it.  Take the octopus for example; a creature whose existence defies proper classification on the tree of life as we know it, but there they are.  Very rarely beings stumble on these portals by sheer accident, on both sides of each portal.  These beings have become known as Realmers in the annals of the universe. The name was given them aeons ago by a race of beings that were simply known as The First.  Not that they know that, as no-one on any of the realms connected know the term.  The entire race shares this single name in any surviving imagery and they thrived in the universe for countless millennia before leaving our corner of the cosmos for whatever it is that an ancient race of people is looking for.  Before they left, they gave the power of immortality to a small group of men and women as well as the knowledge of the existence of the portals to the other realms.  Some realms are peaceful and others are not.  Some are barren wastelands, and yet others are paradise.  Many of the legends and myths that we have been brought up with have their roots deeply planted in these other realms.  The immortals that hold the knowledge to these paths are a very secretive bunch.  In the past, they took extreme measures to meet clandestinely lest any person or group learn of them and attempt to move against them.  Not so any longer; hell, none of them has been in the same city together in almost 100 years thanks to the continuing advancement of technology starting with the telegraph and telephone and culminating with today’s high-tech communication options.  The only exception to this are the only 2 of them that have decided to create a life bond.  Collectively they have all been assisting with the technology advancement as well.  Not all advancements came as a result of their helping to shape the analogue and digital path; for example, the Compact Disc was developed independently of their efforts.  When people speak of the Illuminati (a secret society that has been shaping our history), it is this group that they speak of.  They are collectively the most powerful and wealthy beings on the planet.  Part of the reason for all this advancement was an attempt to learn of other portals that are still unknown, and it has worked.  So far, two other portals have been located on the planet in the last 50 years, but that is a tale for another day.

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