What Makes A Good Story?

By on May 1, 2019
What Makes A Good Story? - Writer's Life.org

A good story needs to capture the reader's attention, and hold it. It needs to tell the reader something important and make it so interesting that people sit up, pay attention, absorb it and react to it too.

However, when you are trying to tell a story, appealing to a mass audience can be tricky. The public is incredibly diverse, each member with their own interests, opinions, likes and dislikes and belief systems. They also have different concerns, morals, passions, and characteristics too.

So any story might be a good story to someone out there. However, it is up to the writer to tell it in a way that makes those who might be interested in the topic, actually appreciate and value the content.

So what can you do to ensure that your story is a good one?

Do your research

When it comes to telling a story, you need facts and details, and this is where research comes in. Make sure that you bother to do your research, find out interesting information, and check your facts too!

Think about how to present it

The treatment of your chosen topic is more important than the topic itself. It doesn’t matter how fascinating something is if you can’t tell it in a way that engages and excites your audience it won’t count for anything. Make sure you tell the tale, paint the picture and highlight the most relevant and exciting points so they are clear and obvious.

Make sure your story is clear and comprehensive

The best stories are those that don’t ramble; they don’t hide their meaning or leave the reader guessing, or use language or phrasing that is difficult to understand. The best stories will enable your readers to have a firm understanding of your points, and be clear about what it is you are trying to say.

Make sure there is a plot

Whether the story you choose to tell is fact or fiction, there should still be a plot, and there should always be characters. People love to be able to relate, and they love reading something that they can immerse themselves in. Engage your reader by thinking about how you can plot out your story, so it has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Create a satisfying ending

Great stories have endings that leave the reader completely satisfied. They feel they have found out all they need to know, and are able to take something away. Perhaps a valuable lesson, a sense of elation, a poignancy - whatever it is, your ending is crucial, it will re-emphasize your points and the meaning of the story and why you decided to tell it in the first place. It will tie up loose ends and won’t leave your readers confused or unaffected.

Edit and perfect it

Lastly, a good story should well written - and this takes time. Don’t shy away from editing, polishing and perfecting your story. Good spelling, punctuation, and grammar will impress your reader and demonstrate your professionalism.

Writing a good story that will appeal to your target audience takes research, planning, and creativity. Use the tips above to make sure that your stories not only gain the attention of your readers but continue to delight and surprise them right up until the very end.

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