How To Write A Blog Post That Will Get You Noticed

By on December 1, 2016
How To Write A Blog Post That Will Get Your Noticed - Writer's Life. org

Writing a blog can be very helpful to an author. It can raise your profile, increase your readership and even get you a following of loyal fans who will be sure to buy your next book.

Of course, many authors find the idea of writing a blog nerve-wracking, tiresome or just plain annoying. They do it under duress because they are passionate about marketing their work and want to see it reach as many fans as possible. However when their blog hardly seems to get any attention it can be difficult to see the point of keeping it up.

So why are some bloggers so successful, and others don’t do so well? And just how do you write blogs that will get you noticed?

Make it short and sweet

Most people read things online for pleasure when they have only a short amount of time to spare - on their commute or lunch break for example. If you write a blog post that is thousands and thousands of words, they will just dismiss it, even if it looks fascinating. Make your posts easy to read and keep them at a reasonable length say, 500-1000 words. Break up paragraphs, use headings and make lists - these all help direct the reader and allow them to skim read more easily.

Make it funny

If you can write an amusing opening paragraph, this will draw your readers in and make them interested in what you have got to so. Be sarcastic, and witty, point out something funny to them. If you can do the same with your headline this will get their attention so make puns and tell jokes - you can do it, you’re a writer after all! Inject some personality in there, and you’ll have your readers hooked.

Ask interesting questions

People love to be challenged and stimulated by the things they read. If you can ask interesting and thought-provoking questions, this will engage your audience from the outset. Asking questions engages your reader in a conversation, and by reading your article they will be looking for answers or at least interesting ideas on the matter presented to them - so make sure you give them what they are looking for.

Share something personal

If your author blog is all about you, then make it juicy. Fans will want to know snippets about your exciting and fascinating life, so you need to write posts that let them in. If you keep them at a distance, your posts will appear cold and dull. Share your embarrassing stories, tell them what you agonise over, reveal your quirks - you’ll come across as much more human this way and your readers will respond to that.

Tease them

Keep your readers wanting more my teasing them. This may be with little snippets of your book or hinting at something you are working on without revealing it completely. You can even try withholding information within the blog itself, so hint that there is something your readers must find out at the beginning, but don’t reveal it until the end - this way they’ll keep reading right the way through.

Keep it simple and be positive

No one wants to hear you whining about how painful and terrible your life is (unless you can do it hilariously of course). Make your blogs positive and inspirational but keep them simple and direct - don’t try to sound overly intellectual or you’ll give the impression that you are rather pretentious and that never goes down well.

Writing an author blog may seem like a bit of a chore, but if you follow these tips and keep at it, you should see your readership grow, and there is nothing more satisfying to a writer than that.

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

Bethany Cadman -author of 'Doctor Vanilla's Sunflowers'

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