How To Get More Email Subscribers

By on March 21, 2021

All authors who are trying to boost their following and sell more books know that learning how to get more email subscribers is a great way to work towards this. 

Get people to sign up to your author email news and you get a whole bunch of soft leads that you can then contact in the future. With the right kind of gentle nurturing these soft leads can turn into people who visit your website, purchase your book, and eventually turn into loyal fans. 

So what are some ways to get more people to sign up to your email list?

Incentivize them

If you offer something for free in exchange for their information, people are much more likely to agree to give it away. If you can offer something of value for free to those who sign up, this will increase the number of people on your email list in a huge way. So offer writing tips, a free eBook, a discount code for your novel, entries to a competition, and so on.

Embed a data capture form rather than giving people a link to click on.

 The psychology of having to click on a link and move away from the page means fewer people are likely to want to bother. Keeping it simple with a form on the page they are already on makes things much easier. Every click or extra step a person has to take decreases your chances of capturing that signup.

Keep it short and sweet

Make sure that your form is as short as possible. The less faff the better. If you make things confusing or are too sales-like or beg them or ask for too much information, they are more likely to be put off and leave before parting with their contact information.

Think about where you place your form

There are some spots that are better than others for the placement of signup forms. Here are some good ones:

After a post 

Top of the sidebar

Top header


Pop-up box

You can always experiment with placement to see what’s most effective. 

Try affiliate advertising. Affiliate advertising can be a good option for increasing your subscriber base. You do need some budget as you’ll agree a set amount to pay an affiliate for each new sign-up they get for you (essentially, it’s an ad for your newsletter on someone else’s website). However, this is only worth it if each new subscriber is worth more than the amount you pay the affiliate.

Give a little preview. 

Providing a sneak peek of your book or of a resource you’ll give away if they sign up can be another tempting offer to help encourage more signups.

These tips can help increase your subscribers. Once you have secured those email addresses, the rest is up to you!

Now you know how to get more email subscribers why not learn how to create successful email marketing campaigns?

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