How To Escape Into Your Writing

By on June 25, 2020

How to escape into your writing? Find out how you can get into flow and lose yourself when you are enjoying your creative work! One of the great pleasures of reading a book is the fact that we can escape for a while; we can lose ourselves in the story and detach ourselves from our lives and the real world endlessly turning around us. 

As writers, achieving that effect of escapism is something we should all aim for, and the very act of writing a novel can provide a place for writers to escape to too - just one of the many benefits of the job!

So how do you escape into your writing?

Create a different world

Using your imagination to build your world can be a fascinating and magical journey. By creating another world, separate from the one you live in, you are forming almost another existence. Every time you sit down to write, you can enter that world, and continue to build and expand it as you see fit. 

Become someone else

Writers also have the opportunity to become someone else through their characters. Everything that we want to be, we can build into a complex and engaging hero. Everything that we dislike about ourselves, we can pour into a sinister villain. Creating these characters is a way to safely explore and project all sides of ourselves onto the page, and this can feel extremely satisfying indeed.

Anything is possible

When you write creatively, there are no boundaries or real-world rules that you have to follow. Your imagination is the container, and you can make anything you like happen. You are God, you are omnipotent and have the ultimate power to make choices and decisions as you see fit, and the consequences of those to be whatever you want them to be too!

Live out your fears, hopes, and dreams

Through your writing, you also get to live out all the things you are afraid of in a safe environment, as well as explore hopes and dreams through your characters - and that can feel quite cathartic. You can find a resolution to problems, give your character's courage to pursue their goals, and explore what scares you as well as what makes your heart sing. 

Writing can be an excellent way to escape into another world, and the more you immerse yourself in your world and the characters you have created, the more exciting and engaging your story will be!

So now you know how to escape into your writing, why not learn some more tips on how to get into your writing flow?

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