Holly’s Christmas Present

By on December 24, 2017

Holly didn’t know what to give Santa for Christmas. It was her very first Christmas with Santa and Mrs. Clause. Well, actually last Christmas was her first.  Holly was Santa’s gift last year from Mrs. Claus.  Oh, how he laughed his big belly laugh when Holly flew out of the Christmas tree that morning.  Holly was a baby budgie, as green as the tree.  She slept in the tree all night waiting to meet Santa. She could hardly sleep she was so excited!

When Santa came down for his cocoa on Christmas morning, Holly flew out to surprise him!  “HO HO HO” Santa laughed.  She flew around the room proudly as he laughed louder and louder.  Holly wanted to see him smile like that again this year.  She just didn’t know how.

Holly watched all of the elves work on their gift for Santa. They were making him a new sleigh this year!  They worked so hard.  During the day, while Santa watched,  they worked on making the gifts for the children.. and at night while Santa slept, they worked on the sleigh for him.

Holly would fly with them out the shop to watch them work on the beautiful new sleigh. It was shaped perfectly for flight and they had hand carved all of their pictures on the sides.  They had even carved a picture of Holly flying on the very front of the sleigh.  It was the most elegant Christmas sleigh Holly had ever seen.  She was sure Santa would love it!  She was sure he would laugh his jolly “HO HO HO”.

Finally, it was Christmas Eve. The elves were frantically loading Santa’s new sleigh with all of the toys.  Santa was putting on his new Christmas suit.  He would be so surprised to see the new sleigh.

Holly flew around in all of the excitement waiting for Santa’s reaction. She flew up and down and in and out.  When she saw he was ready to go out and get into the sleigh she flew out to let the elves know he was coming!

The North Pole was silent as Santa came outside. “It’s Christmas Eve and it is cold” Santa called as he walked out the door.  “HO HO HO”  Santa exclaimed as he saw his new sleigh “HO HO HO Merry Christmas” how he laughed as he walked around the magnificent new sleigh, touching the wood and the carvings.

Holly was so excited she couldn’t wait. In her best bird voice with all she had, she settled down on the front of the shiny wooden sleigh.  She spread out her wings and she puffed out her chest and she managed to repeat “HO HO HO Merry Christmas!”

Santa’s eyes sure did twinkle, and he laughed even more! The elves were delighted and clapped their hands as they jumped up and down!


Santa held out his hand for Holly to come to. She was so pleased she had made him smile.  “Merry Christmas Miss Holly,” he said with a grin.  Then he kissed her so gently and sent her off as he climbed into his sleigh.  Holly knew it would be a fabulous Christmas Day!


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