Had A Bad Book Review? Here’s How To Handle It!

By on January 29, 2021

Getting a bad book review can feel like a serious kick in the teeth. The worst can knock your confidence and having you doubt your writing ability. It can be really difficult to handle a bad book review, but learning how to do so will make your life as a writer so much easier.

So here’s how to do it. 

Don’t be lured into an argument about your bad book review

The worst thing you can do is respond to the person who has left you the bad review. Doing so will make you seem petty and bitter. Even if the review is really harsh, everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you suspect foul play you can always contact Amazon and ask them to remove it. But they will only do so if the review is abusive or you can prove it’s fraudulent. 

Understand that it happens to everyone

Go have a look at some of the most famous, successful, multi million pound making books and look at their reviews - they’ll be more than a handful of one star ones. The sooner you realise that everyone gets bad reviews from time to time, the better. 

Choose to laugh

Laugher is the best medicine and being able to laugh it off can be the easiest way to get over a bad review. Some of them really are quite funny after all!

Search for constructive criticism and if there isn’t any - dismiss it as opinion

If there is constructive criticism there, use it and appreciate it. Constructive criticism is of value and worth taking into consideration. If therein none then it’s probably just down to an individual's personal taste and so you should take comfort in the fact that you simply can’t please everyone. 

Know that bad reviews make your good reviews more believable

If you only had 5 star reviews, your book would look suspiciously good. As we’ve already stated, no  book can please everyone, so if you have a few negative reviews dotted in amongst the good ones, it will make your book seem more credible. 

Keep on writing

Don’t let a negative review stop you from creating. Even if it has dampened your spirits try hard to just write through it. The more you write, the sooner that bad review will feel like a distant memory. 

Name a character after the reviewer in your next book…and let them meet an unfortunate end

If your negative review really stung then why not take revenge in the best way and make them subject to a grisly end in your next book? 

By using the above tips to help you, you can become a master at handling bad reviews. We know they can feel harsh, but the sooner you pick yourself up and dust yourself off the better!

Know you know how to handle a bad book review, why not learn how to get more reviews for your book?

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