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By on November 16, 2017

Writing an author blog can be tough at times. For a start many writers prefer to ‘stick to what they know’, and if that’s writing fiction, it’s particularly difficult for them to write a blog which requires different skills and ideas.

Being able to come up with fresh and engaging ideas for your author blog time and time again can be tricky. A successful post will be not only interesting but also relevant to your writing and will help or entertain your readers too.

So what are the kinds of things you can include on your author blog? Here are some helpful tips to keep those ideas coming and make sure you never run out of content

A writing contest

Writing contests always go down well and are a great way to get some engagement from your fellow writers. Just make the objective clear and the rules simple. If you can offer an incentive that’s wonderful, but lots of people will just be happy to see their work published on your blog, so if that’s all you can offer, that’s great too.

A  book review

Help out your fellow authors by writing up a book review every once in a while. While you don’t want this to be the primary focus of your blog, it’s an excellent way to put in some fresh content, and you might find that other authors are willing to return the favour with your own book too.

An author interview

You could also interview fellow authors for your blog. Naturally the more high profile, the better so ask around and see if you can do a quick interview with an author who has had some work published and this should attract a good readership to your website.

Writing tips and advice

Since writing is what you love, why not share some invaluable writing lessons, tips and advice? Offer how-to guides or share what you’ve learnt along the path of your writing journey.

A piece of fiction or poetry

Of course, your blog can also be a place where you showcase your work, so don’t be afraid to make some of your posts pieces of fiction,  such as short stories, extracts from your book, or poems you have written too.

Inspiring quotes

If you are feeling a bit lazy, posts filled with inspirational quotes are always popular and are pretty easy to pull together at short notice.

Top ten lists

Offering your opinion or doing research, so others don’t have to is always appreciated. Pull together some top ten lists such as your favourite books, your favourite pieces of writing software, the greatest lessons you’ve learnt and so on and these can make for engaging and informative posts.

Guest posts

Another great way to make your blog look busy is to accept guest posts as well. Getting other people to contribute to your blog will give it added authority as well.

The above ideas should've you some food for thought on what to include in your author blog - remember there is no harm in reading and following your fellow author blogs too to get some inspiration too!

How do you get ideas for your author blog? Share them with us here!



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