Good Reasons For Writing A Sequel

By on November 19, 2020

Thinking about writing a sequel? Here are some things you might want to consider before you start!

Finishing one book is no mean feat, and the idea of writing another might feel a little overwhelming. However, one great way to start your next novel without having to go back to the drawing board is to write a sequel. Even if you had never planned to write a sequel to your novel, it’s certainly worth considering whether there is scope to do so as this means you have ready-made characters with backstory and relationships and a whole world to start from. You’ll also hopefully have a decent number of readers who enjoyed your first book, who you won’t have to persuade very hard to buy your sequel if it means they get to go on another adventure with the characters they loved.

Saying that there are plenty of times where writing a sequel wouldn’t be the best move for you. This is evident in sequels where the writer has clearly fallen out of love with their characters, or where the plot is going nowhere or feels pretty repetitive to the first book.

How can you tell if it’s a good idea to consider writing a sequel to your novel? Here are three reasons to go for it.

Readers have follow-up questions

If readers of your first book have got in touch with you and want to know what happens next, or are asking questions about whether you are planning to write a second book then this is a definite hint that you should go for it. If you’ve got a ready-made audience who are dying to find out more about your characters or go on a new journey with them you’ve got an existing customer base that you know will buy your sequel - and that’s a pretty nice place to start from. 

You can’t stop creating new stories for your characters

Many writers finish writing their novel and then put that idea and those characters and that world to bed. However, if you’re head is brimming with ideas about what happens next, if the characters are still living and breathing indies your head, and if you are excited about the idea of continuing to write about them then you can feel fairly confident you have the commitment and enthusiasm to write a sequel. 

The sequel idea can act as a standalone book

Smart writers know that writing sequels can bring in good money, but it’s also important that these stories could be read as individual novels. Some writers choose not to do this. For example famous trilogies such as The Lord Of The Rings or His Dark Materials. However, by writing your sequel as a standalone book you have two separate marketing opportunities and this could be the most lucrative option.

So, if you have written your first novel and it was well-received, you might well consider writing a sequel. Do you have that second book in you?

So now you know all the good reasons for writing a sequel, what are you waiting for - get going with that second book! You can also learn more about advice for writers writing a second book here.

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