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By on August 20, 2020

Marketing tips for writers can help you find new fans, and get more people to read your book. Find out our top ones here!

Marketing tips for writers - everything you need to know!

We all know that being a successful writer often involves a lot more than just writing. You need to become an expert in self-promotion if you want to enjoy consistent and continued success. While this doesn't feel natural for many writers, by familiarising yourself with at least some of the simplest and easiest ways to market yourself, you can get the basics right until you feel more comfortable doing so, and have an excellent foundation to build upon from the start.

So what are some useful marketing tips for writers that everyone can get the hang of? 

Create an author website and blog

Having an author website creates a professional space from which you can market your work—coupled with an author blog where you consistently post valuable and relevant content, and you can really make headway. You'll have somewhere to refer fans to, but also will make yourself, your brand and your work more visible, helping you build up an army of fans who'll go on to buy your book and support you throughout your career. 

Dedicate time and resources to developing an online presence

There are lots of different avenues you can experiment with to develop your online presence. You could guest post on popular websites to bring more attention to your work, your sites, or to try and boost your social media following. You might try contributing to forums that relate to your book's topics and themes. Also also reaching out to bloggers and other publications to see if they'll feature you in an interview or feature is a smart move.

Make the most of social media

Social media platforms are a fantastic resource to help promote yourself and find readers who might be interested in your work. You can set up a page that's separate from your personal social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook and then do some research by following other authors to see what kinds of information they share. The more consistently you post and the more value you can offer, the more likely you are to gain followers. 

Research your genre

In your genre, there will be books that sell and books that flop. You can help learn the art of marketing by looking closely at the kinds of marketing each successful book did, and what it is about them that helps them sell. Look at titles, cover design, book descriptions, typography, and follow their authors' social media accounts. Read reviews of these books and note down any repetitive words or phrases used to describe them - you can use them in your book's metadata to help connect readers who are searching for that kind of thing to your work. 

Gather reviews

Social proof goes a long way, and the more positive reviews you can gather for your book, the more likely it is that new potential readers will trust your book is one that's worth purchasing. You can search for Amazon's top reviewers and see if they have reviewed any books similar to yours, you could also reach out to book bloggers and publications. You can promote your book via Goodreads through a giveaway too. It's best to contact lots of reviewers as, unfortunately, many won't respond, but it is well worth gathering as many as possible for the best result. 

Maximize your distribution channels

While Amazon unarguably holds dominant in terms of the market share when it comes to digital and print books, it's essential not to forget about other distribution channels. Make sure your work is available through as many channels as possible for maximum visibility. You can also use book discounting sites where you will have to offer your book at a discount of at least 50% for a limited period, but in exchange, your novel will be recommended to subscribers who have enjoyed books similar to yours. 

Creating a robust and thorough marketing plan and making use of all the various marketing tools available for book promotion is the best way to try and secure success for your book. While the process of self-promotion and marketing can be daunting at times, in doing so you are giving your novel the very best chance of selling well. 

So now you know all about marketing tips for writers, why not learn more about whether you should hire someone to market their book!

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