Book Promotion: Should I Hire Someone To Market My Book?

By on May 7, 2021

If you need help with book promotion, perhaps it's time to consider hiring book marketing services to help you.

Are your sales not what you wanted them to be? Have you got to the publishing stage of your book but feel completely out of your depth when it comes to marketing it? If so, handing over the reins to a marketing expert could be a good idea.

Many writers love to write, but when it comes to getting exposure for their work, they feel overwhelmed. They lack the experience and knowledge to do so successfully. 

Book Promotion - Is It Time To Ask For Help?

A book marketing company can help writers develop their brand and raise their profile and platform to the next level.

Writers are business owners and treating your writing like a business is so important. Hiring a professional marketer to promote your book is not something you should do without thought. You must be committed to doing a lot of the additional work that will occur as a by-product of doing so.

Expecting a professional to be able to do all the hard work for you is simply not feasible. While there is lots they can do, if the writer themselves is not prepared to do some of the leg work they won’t get very far.

A decent book marketing company should be very honest about what they can offer and clear about what they can and cannot guarantee. 

What you need to know before you hire

Before you hire someone you, therefore, need to set out your current and long-term goals. Be honest about your achievements so far, and about the timescales you have in mind. 

A reputable marketer should be able to offer you exposure via multiple channels. They should be able to deliver multiple strategies, because of their industry knowledge. They should have access to readers that you just don’t have. 

Before you hire a book marketing company, you should already have several things in place. Your author website should be up and running. You should be engaging with your current fans, be reaching out to book reviewers, and have a solid social media presence. You should also attend events, write a newsletter and run regular giveaways to boost engagement.

After you hire a book marketing company, you should still do all these things.

Marketing - It's Still Up To The Individual

In short, if you are thinking of hiring someone to market your book, you should recognize that while they can help get your book in front of more readers, and come up with tried and tested strategies for helping yearbook gain attention, there is still lots that the authors must be willing to do, otherwise no matter how effective, the interest will peter out.

Book promotion is a never-ending game, and the most successful authors will recognize that. A professional book marketer can help raise your profile. However, there is no getting out of the fact that marketing comes with the territory if you want your book to be a success. So the more you are willing to push your work yourself, the better received it will be.

Now you've learned about book promotion, and considered whether to hire a professional to help, why not read about some digital marketing tips for authors?

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